Meet Daniel. Daniel is your average, everyday adult working a nine to five job. Wake up, go to work, come home, sleep, and do it all over again. Many people eventually want to break free from the cycle, and Daniel is no different. Experience his journey in a new minimalist adventure game Radiant One.

In Radiant One, players will guide Daniel down a path of enlightenment. One fateful day, Daniel stumbles upon a mysterious book about lucid dreaming, the kind of dreaming that makes you feel “awake” during sleep.

After reading a couple of chapters, he soon realizes that his dreams have begun to feel more real. Breathtaking worlds will materialize before his very eyes at the will of his command, and the power of flight became a natural ability.

But one day, his dreams started to crack. They blurred and there was nothing but chaos and confusion. From seemingly out of nowhere, his dreams turned to darkness as they fell under control of a mysterious force. It’s up to you to help Daniel reclaim his dreams!

Radiant One is a uniquely hand-crafted adventure game with simple yet charming 3D graphics. Radiant One is more focused on telling a story, so expect a heavy narrative when going into this one. Adventure game lovers, this one is for you.

Radiant One is available now on the iOS App Store for 2.99 USD.


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