MY, the people behind Jungle Heat, have released Evolution: Battle for Utopia on mobile  and I am here to share with you a set of Evolution cheats: tips, tricks and strategies that will help you in the long run and make you a better planet terraformer.

There is a ton of things to do in the game, so every bit of extra help… helps! So read on for a complete set of Evolution: Battle for Utopia cheats and tips!

And since there are so many things you can do in this game, this is an open project and you are invited to contribute with your own Evolution tips and tricks to help other players out there.

General Evolution: Battle for Utopia tips and tricks

– Go with the story missions first and complete as many areas as possible. Don’t try for the tactics and strategy operations until you have a solid understanding of the game and, most important, some really good skills under your belt.

– Always research at the lowest costs. You can reduce the research costs a bit by collecting items during your single player missions, so make sure that you do collect them all before starting a research.

– Always perform the [Advice]. This appears during your single player missions and usually relates to researching something. Doing so will increase your stats, so make sure you complete the advice first.

– Complete Side missions. They appear every 30 minutes or so and are extremely easy. A great way to collect extra bits of inventory items, so make sure you complete them as soon as they are available. You simply can’t have too many of the regular items!

– When your base is under attack, you can tap the attackers yourself and help eliminate the threat. It’s the easiest way to deal with the hordes of spiders without spending too much on extra turrets.

– When solving the image puzzles, try to also look at the image on the pieces. This will always be the easiest way to see where to place each piece.

– Always produce weapons in the store. They are usually extremely expensive, so make sure you only use the produced weapons (or those that you find along the way) during extremely difficult battles.

– When attacking enemy players, choose the ones that hold the resource you really need to get. Match making is based on level and you will be in for an even fight that you should win easily.

Tip: eliminate the dog companion first, since he’s the easiest to take out, then focus on the hero.

Evolution Battle Tips and Strategies

Since you will be in battle mode most of the time you play, having a solid strategy is key to victory. You have to adapt it based on the situation and enemy type, but here are some tips that will surely help you get the most out of any battle:

– Choose the weakest enemy first. Even the weakest enemy causes damage, so that should be taken out first because it’s the easiest to get rid of. The fewer enemies you have, the easier to take them out.

Even if a commander is in play, increasing the damage caused by the others (although in this case, clearly, you’ll want to try and take the commander out as soon as possible)

– Focus on enemies who close in. When an arrow appears under an enemy, it tells you that it plans to move close and melee damage is way greater than long range one. Move your focus on that enemy and take him out as soon as possible.

– Reload under cover. The best moment to reload is when you are under cover, protecting your character from the enemy fire. Make sure you tap the screen when the recharge bar hits the indicator for the 20% bonus.

– Tap players behind a shield to cause damage to them – it’s little damage, but it’s extra damage that otherwise would not be there. Tap any enemy while behind a shield to continue giving damage.

– Use the aimed shot when an enemy is about to shoot. I personally prefer to do it this way instead of shooting them out of cover, because when I shoot an enemy with an aimed shot while he’s red, if the shot is successful, they will not shoot anymore. And it’s always great to preserve health!

– Use grenades wisely. It’s never a good idea to waste grenades or any other piece of equipment unless you really need to. They are expensive to produce and hard to come by, so you should always try to preserve them.

The same goes for your premium weapons with premium ammo which should always be saved for when you’re facing tough opponents.

And these would be, for now, our Evolution: Battle for Utopia tips and tricks to help you get better at the game. Let us know what strategies you have find to be working in your case by commenting below.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how to research the warehouse? It tells me in the advice section to research in in the research centre but it’s not listed there.

    • You have to have skill points and the go to the strategy/tactics ares. Once you have visited the yellow dots area it will appear in the research area until then you have to go to the yellow dot areas and click on it, the link will be in the top right corner.

  2. Hacking the live wires can be difficult especially when the clock is tickin ;0)
    Try and match the colours around the edge of the grid first
    that way you can figure the tricky bypass if need be,

    good hunting


    • Regular grenades won’t cut it and you’ll only have one or two chance of throwing one at it.

      I had the same problem until I found the acid bomb – you will get this after receiving your first $30 or 3 days of playing. The bomb eats up and weaken the turret then you can follow-up the kill with a couple rounds of your pistol – I killed one with an aim shot but it was close to dying anyway.

      Hope that helps.

    • Use first grenade ASAP or just before turret fires first round (supposedly weaker), then stay behide shield. When Aimed shoot or grenade cool down, use them at once, or use before turret fires.
      You need enough health points (at worst plus 1 medpack) to sustan 2 rounds turret fires.
      2 grenades plus 1 aimed shot is enough.

    • I use a bomb asap the attack starts. Use the energy weapon in place of any gun (the very first gun u got in game). When the turret fires i go behind shield . When turret stops i start firing, thats the only gun which causes damage. Ur dig companion also do damage as he uses energy attack, upgrade itin training ground.

      • After your first turret with two to three grenades. Research the guard armour and use your shield when and during your grenade throws. Generally three should be enough for basic turrets. Now hacking those dominators is the real battle.

    • There’ is a chance that enemy attacks are detected automatically, if they are your turret is deployed first. You can increase the chance by researching and building a radar.

  3. ive got a query…how do some players, even at just levels 15-20, have all 6 base defences and maxed out 5 upgrades in? ive been playing this game flat out for a week now, im ranked number 1 in the uk, and number 4 in the world so far, and yet i look at my defence in comparison, and its nowhere near as good! are they cheating to do this? as even buying gems would not acquire them the technology at a low level to get the latest turrets etc…

    anyone got any suggestions?

    • I would assume they are buying lots of gems and biofuel. They use the gems to buy skill points and then buy resources to rapidly advance the turrets. There are only 3 upgrades and they would need the storage facilities and upgrade it several times too.
      The other option is they level really slowly and put all there time into enhancing their base and weapons. Not sure when you can first complete the area (yellow dots) but that gives lots of skill points if you can complete the tasks.

      • thats what i first assumed. however at level 15, your only limited to a few guns, even if you paid for sn event one with gemas, its bairly good enough to get you through the first lot of operation missions. once you’ve completed all the different tasks up to 100% on that operation, you cant physically gain any more points from it and therefore have to advance to the next one and so forth. the turrets some of these guys have, they would have needed to complete at least up to 4 stars at 100%….which at level 15 and the limited arsenal they have, would be impossible. they would have g1 grenades and healthpacks too, useless on the 3 star + missions. so i really cant get my head around it. i’ve come accross a handfull of them now, really dont know.

        what level are you russell? whats your ingame name bud?

        • My in game name is benjoron. I am level 39 and have over 2300 pvp points and ranked 40 in world. The other option might be by them having friends and using the embassy but I don’t really know what it does since I haven’t used it.

          • Maybe they used gems to buy some big guns, armor – then did only spent skillpoints on the turrets. (you will get enough fastly having just a good pistol and armor.)

            Then they have to spent some more gems buildig the turrets.

            After that you got a almost maxed pvp char.

    • hi matt,

      yes you will be able to make them soon, its research that i acquired from the rewards out of “operations” below your normal missions. it costs 500 or so operation points if i remember.

      in the mean time the only way you can get them is the way you have been doing.

      • I would like to know what you have to get in the first place to unlock the shotgun shells in the tactics and strategys cuz I’m lookin at the list an it ain’t there

        • The shot gun shells and kit will drop as something you can research during the story lines. You will see what the area has available if you click on the rewords button in the bottom right part of the main screen when standing in the area.

  4. hi ben,

    im assuming your fairly new to the game if you dont already have anyone in your squad. as you progress through the normal missions, you will get many different characters added to your squad. its up to you then to upgrade them to make them viable in fights against the normal levels and pvp.

    different characters you will come accross will have different abilities. so will provide excellent damage against men, some will have great armor etc.

    just keep grinding and it will all make sense soon enough :)

    • I have a helper, actually I have about 8 of them, but if want to have two of them fighting with me at the same time. I have seen others do it when I attack them, I want to be able to as well?

      • hi again ben,

        the game mechanics are built that way for pvp.
        when you select to attack sometime, it isnt “real time”. when you attack that person, you get their computer ai version of them with their current turret/guns/team set up. you however can still only have you and your 1 guy that you assign. same for them, if they attack you, you will have yourself and your 2 highest promoted people along side you, they will only get themselves and the 1 person they assigned. that way the mechanics dont differ from pvp to story mode and makes it challenging to earn rank points.

  5. How can you bring up turret in attack mode as your defense??? when ever i attack a player there is a turret even at low level of 18, some times hydra,

    i mean they dont start off with heroes and companion they start off with turret… how???

  6. What are the rewards for beating the merchant? I have defeated him 2x ATM. The first time dropped incidenary grenade research. How many more times do I have to beat him for acid grenade research?

      • Actually yes there is crystallite in the ship. You have to beat the viper and all of the people in the way. Which, I must say, is a pain in the arse. I had to get jafaar as a partner before I was able to beet the place. He makes your health bigger and does a lot more damage then Fido. And that would be Fido upgraded. Anyway get the merchant and fill up ur assault ammo and get grenades and well you see where I’m going.

  7. Hello
    Anyone knows how to produce G3 grenade and how to get to the place where show was fired? I can not reach it with 2300miles range copter…

    • G-3 grenades recipe is in the “Black Legion Base” area I think (not 100% sure since I got it already). And no, you cannot reach the launch site of the missile which took down your ship, at least not before the next game update (“Legacy of Dominion”). Use the time to unlock, research and upgrade all your weapons and partners in the meantime and stock up on resources and those “target points” which you need for Tactics & Strategy research.

  8. How do you beat hydra, the fire boss where you get the screamer shotgun. Its not letting me blow him to pieces with the phoenix. Me no boom boom so me no happy. Pls help. What I think I need is an acid weapon and I cant get that pistol from the overlord/giantbugthatattacksyourbasenstuff.
    Help plz.

    • Thank You for response. But I don’t see Black Legion base. I’m playing Android version. So do i still have to wait for an update? I’m lvl 39 now with almost everything max upgraded.

  9. Hi, I need help. Im lvl 15 and I cant seem to kill the shield guys and when I do get passed them im almost dead. There’s two of them at once, I have jaffar and grenades. Its against the boss on the cargo ship.

  10. Hi. Can anyone help me. How to beat these sniper chicks.. they almost one shot me. Then medpac.. but the 2nd shot always kills me.. any advices? Thx micha

    • If you keep changing posture (stand up/sit down) when she aims at you with her laser-sight, then she can’t get a fix on you, and won’t shoot you.

  11. Can someone please tell me, how some players make fido shoot grenades? Sometimes when I attack other players, do their fido shoot grenades at me, I wonder if it is possible to make my fido do that too, when playing missions?

    • I finally managed, and this is how I did it.

      Juggernaut MG with 200 rounds of ammunition
      At least 5 U2 med packs and 5 G2 Frag grenades and 2 G1 acid grenade.
      Rico maxed as companion.

      Don’t use MG until the guys with shields are dead. Use grenades, aimed shots and PSI strike to kill them as soon as possible.

      The switch to MG and kill all support: vipers and and commanders first. Then shoot down the big guy.

      The use of grenades, aimed shots and PsI wisely will do the trick. I made it with barely a breath left in me, but made it.

    • I tried the Juggarnsut MG and Rico maxed and always just lost. I switched to my favs ; Roxy, Megathrone AR, Cobra Pistol and a combo of G2, G3 and Acid grenades. Use the acid grenades on the shield guys while blasting with the AR. Save your psi. When the shield guys break up hit with G2s and aimed shots. Blast the next waves with the AR and G2s. Do not hit Kingpin or he will move forward but hit him continually with psi strikes, every bit of weakening him helps. When snipers et all are dead just blast with your AR and G3 grenades. You need to buy the 3rd level media is at least 4, 400 rounds for your (maxed out) AR, 3 acid grenades,3 level 3 grenades, and 3 G2s. I had 10% health left. That’s after I spent a week maxing out Rico and the MG

  12. Can anyone help with the Turret placement? I’ve purchased and completed research on both the Hephaestus and Cerberus Turrets. After research is complete where in the hell do they go? Im trying to kill that stupid huge bug!!!

    • Click the turret, you want to upgrade, then you should see the turret animated on the screen and have a upgrade button shown under the turret.

  13. I can’t progress in the game as I also can’t get Crystallite out of the hold of Elysium cargo ship. Everyone has been killed. Could this be a fault on android?

  14. Target one of the snipers, throw grenades at shield guy. Keep moving so snipers don’t hit you. After one sniper dies, target the other sniper and keep moving.

  15. Hey!
    I am new to this game, well I just got stick to this game for a week……. And I face a problem that psi tech..
    When I want to build it it says practice course have to be done…. When I got first part of the psi tech is says theory course to he done..
    Well I don’t get it….
    How to build that tech…..
    Can I have suggestions please

    • Go with fully trained Partner Rico (840/192) and take the acid pistol (fully upgraded 48/16/15%). Take G3-Grenades and U3-Medkits . The army is to defeat with AR Alligator or MG Juggernaut, try to keep jour health

  16. Hey guys! My tip is kill the overlord bug as soon as possible. Not by tapping him when he attacks but before in a real battle. He drops the “acid gun” research. After that both scale sliders and shield guys are no match after you upgraded a little. My second tip is as soon as you get frisky as a partner in the elysim ship stage. Upgrade him as much as you can! He has a assultrifle that never runs out of bullets and does hella good damage!

  17. Hello some help please? Story line keeps telling get crystallite from hold of elysium. Defeated everyone and terraformed the area. Is this a bug?

  18. I too am stuck with obtaining the Crystallite from the Alysium cargo hold. I’ve defeated all enemies, hacked all things and examined all materials, as well as terraformed the area – yet it’s still being listed as an unfinished quest. Does anyone know if this is a glitch? I’m running the game on a Nexus 7 with the latest android OS update.

    Any advice or help would be appreciated – thanks!

    • Nevermind – I pulled down the latest game update and the quest to obtain crystallite from the Alysium cargo ship is now complete and I can now conduct psi research :)

  19. How do I defeat the boss at the UFO crash site. How many times does the big guy re-appear. I think I’ve killed him about 5 times and am now down to only a pistol , help

      • Yes, you have to kill him/her with psi power. Wait until it is almost dead, then kill it with a psi strike. He will resurrect again, but there will be 2 of him. Do it again and there will be 3 of them working in tandem. Keep it up until there are 6 of them. Very difficult.

        • It definately helps. (Also in every other combat so you can kill the enemy with max life so you get more liefsteal or in PvP when your opponent has the Xi Armor)

  20. Is Rico hidden somwhere on the map in the swamps like Frisky does in the cargo ship – or do I have to complete the whole swamps to get him? If he is on the map – which direction to go to get him fastly?

  21. Please help me how to do the psi research coz In research centre it shows unavailable as I completed the Elysium ship sector but still I can’t see the research how to get psi reasearch done

    • I think u have the same issue I did. On the map move around to a small island, there your get extra task that will allow you to get your psi, turret upgrades and other upgrades. Hope this helps

  22. Help: I completed and terraformed the Black Legion Base, but did not receive the rewards – G-3 grenade kit and Spartan armor. Does anybody know where I can get these? I have plans for the Xi armor, but can’t research it without the Spartan.

  23. In the PvP area there is this magnifying glas when you select an opponent. If i klick on it its says something like I have to do some reconnaissance mission. How do I do this? Do I have to buy the binoculars for 199 Gems?

  24. Hi guys!
    I’m in level 27 and just nede to finish the finish the Big guy in the end. But everytime i attack him im alway near by to get him.
    I have try to slowfox him Down and use granate,but it seems like i need something more.

    Schoul i opgrate my weapon or what?



    • Each time he stands still with a target on him, unload a full clip of assault rifle/mg or as much as you can. When he moves forward toss a grenade….if that still doesn’t work you probly just need better weapons.

  25. Hello everyone!
    Im at the mechanarium and need to finish the Big guy off in the end of that level…
    I have tryed to shot at him and trough grenade at thise 2 little helmers he have.
    Is it the Right Way to beat him? It just seems like i have to spend alot of life and grenade on him that Way,so i thought there might Was an easier Way to beat him.

    • I’m just stocking up on gems by making missiles and using them on lvl 4 terrors and occupations. Just gonna wait till the update whenever that comes out

  26. Need advice on how to beat the Boss in Mechanarium. I have tried everything I can think of with no luck. I have frisky maxed out and my cobra pistol max. Any ideas are welcome.

  27. Mechanarium boss! I’ve tried the G2 & 3 acid bombs and screamer shotgun, with the acid pistol and keep dying. Got him down to 5000 life but no success.

  28. Hi people!
    Im stuck at the crystallite deposit. In the end of this level i have to defeat the Big guy with a lee. But it seems difficult since he always Come back…
    Anyone with an ideer how to beat this guy?



  29. Hi,

    I was wondering if training Fido helps in any way in the “In pursuit of a spider-infestor” mission. Does the higher damage from training help during this mission?

  30. Hi,

    I am trying to get the cost reduction for the Black Hydra Turret which requires me to destroy 5 turrets.

    However, whenever I successfully destroy a Maximus Turret – the only one at my level – in an “Occupation” mission, it still shows “Turrets destroyed 0/5” at the Research Center under my Black Hydra Turret Research.

    Is this a bug?

    • Ben, if you are killing those turrets with your missile then it doesnt count
      I found it easier to scout for pvp targets with low lvl turrets since killing those maximus is really tough

  31. How do I terraform the relic,citadal and mechanarium area and got the equipment that over 1000 iron or magmanite and how do you kill kingpin he is hard

  32. Correction I meant how do you Terraform the hub,relic and mechanarium area and get the equipment that cost over 1000 iron and magmatite any suggestions I’m honestly stuck trying to figure it out

  33. How do you complete boss in crystalline deposit please. I know to psi attack the chosen ones but how do you build up the psi power when they don’t attack until close up

  34. A player has been attacking my base multiple times. Just recently he attacked my base two days in a row! How is it possible for the same player to keep attacking my base?Also I’m at level 13 and he’s at 44.

  35. Hi guys
    I just started.
    Is it possible to meelee attack?
    I get meelee attacked in pvp.
    And which should i get first? Frisky bulldog pistol or shot gun?

    What is the best way to kill the overlord ? Im lv13???

  36. One of these walkthrough/forums said great things about the M3 SMG pistol – you could use it up to halfway through the game. I’ve got it, about half upgraded, but the Dragon pistol has just come up and with a bit more grinding I can research and then build it. Should I stop upgrading the M3 and focus on getting the Dragon?

    Problem is, eventually the tactics and Strategy missions are going to run out unless I buy a bigger helicopter – which I don’t want to spend the gems on.

    I’ve also got a fully upgraded Acid Pistol, and am Level 29.


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