The evil organization Kraken was thought to have been dismantled years ago, but now trouble is brewing! A secret Antarctic laboratory has been discovered and now it’s up to you to put an end to Kraken once and for all! Evil Factory is a retro-inspired top down action game. You play as Leo, a short but skillful hero. Evil Factory is a unique blend of Bomberman-like strategy and fast paced bullet dodging mayhem.

You’ll need all of your action skills here, because one hit means death! Let’s get started with our Evil Factory cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


1. Use the gold helmet!

If you manage to complete all of the missions on a floor, you’ll earn a special unique reward. The reward for clearing B1’s missions is the Private helmet. This helmet increases your gold reward by 2%. It’s not a huge increase obviously, but it’ll add up so as long as you keep it on for a long time. You can switch to another helmet if you wish, but it really helps with your gold pools early on.

2. Tap and hold!

As you know, time warp will slow down time when you let go of the screen. This also makes certain things take a lot longer than usual – namely the fuse on your Dynamite. Since you’re going to be using the dynamite until at least B6, we recommend mastering a small technique. If you don’t want time warp to activate while you’re just waiting around, tapping and holding on the screen without sliding in any direction will make Leo remain put, but time warp will not trigger. This little trick will also help you save time warp energy so that you don’t put yourself in a sticky situation!

3. Don’t worry about the missions at first!

Speaking of the missions – you won’t actually know what you need to do if it’s your first time through the floor. Once you beat the boss of the floor, the conditions will reveal themselves. If you’re lucky and you played well, you’ll knock them all out on your first run through. If not, don’t sweat it! For your first time you should just focus on staying alive and beating the boss anyways. You can come back and get the reward afterwards.

4. Recommend helmets!

After you’ve gone through Episode I, you’ll probably have a couple of helmets to try out. So far, these are the ones we’ve found to be the most helpful:

  • B4 Muscle Jump’s Siberian. This helmet increases drop rates by 3%. If you’re hunting for scrap, schematics or cartridges, equip this or any of the drop rate increasing helmets.
  • B6 Elevator Ride’s Walker. This helmet increases the duration of your time warp by 20%. Useful for learning boss tactics and moves.
  • B9 The Big Cold’s Polar Soul. 3% chance for a sub weapon refill and revive when hit. This helmet is basically a combination of B3’s Royal Penguin and B2’s Sniper.
  • B7 High Voltage’s Solid Horn. Increases your main weapon damage by 5%. Once you get really good at landing your main weapons, you’ll be able to take out bosses super fast with this helmet.

5. Boss strategies!

We’ve got a couple of tips for some of the episode end bosses!

  • B5 Boiler Room has you up against Alfonzo, the fiery giant. Take out the two Kraken goons as fast as you can, but be mindful of the flames! Believe it or not, the area in front of Alfonzo is the safest place to be. If you move down and stay around just above the grating, the flames from his flamethrower won’t reach you there. However, make sure to stay off the grating itself – every so often flames will flow through the grating and if you’re on it when this happens, you’re toast!
  • B11 Monster Lab has you come face to face with Ulrich himself! He’s piloting a crab mecha, so you’re going to want to stay away from directly in front of him. He’ll pinch you good if you get too close! The main attack you want to watch out for are the blue lasers. Every couple of seconds the crab mecha will shoot four laser beams outwards in a + formation. The beams will then rotate counter-clockwise, so make sure you stick close to outrun it! The only other attack Ulrich does is throw grenades randomly around the room. The grenades have a long detonation time, so just be mindful of where you’re stepping and they shouldn’t give you any trouble.

That’s all for Evil Factory, for now! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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