Everything to Expect in Terraria’s Labor of Love Update

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One of Steam’s most beloved games, Terraria, is apparently getting ANOTHER update. Labor of Love, whose name is taken from the 2021 Steam Award that it won, comes after the apparent final update released last year, Journey’s End.

The famed Terraria YouTuber, Chippy, was given the honor of announcing the Labor of Love update through his YouTube channel on February 14, quite fittingly.

What are the Changes Arriving in Terraria’s Labor of Love Update?

Chippy, in his announcement video, started off by saying that the Terraria 1.4.4 Labor of Love update is going to be focusing largely on balance patches and quality-of-life changes rather than tons of new content.

Below are the balance patches that were implemented on some of the most powerful weapons in the game:

Dark Lance

  • Increase damage from 29 to 34
  • Now inflicts the Shadowflame debuff on hit
  • Now has approximately 15-20% more reach


  • Now [fires] its projectile more often
  • The Frost projectile now inflicts Frostburn


  • The detection range for the bubbles to chase enemies has increased by 30%
  • The bubbles now last 33% longer than before

Scourge of the Corruptor

  • Now has a more consistent and higher overall average number of Minieaters
  • Minieaters now move and chase enemies faster

Star Wrath

  • The projectile stars now use their own independent immunity timer, allowing each star to hit. Previously, only one star could hit at a time. This will substantially increase the damage dealt to single targets.

Some QOL improvements are also arriving in this update, such as Plantera’s Bulb now being immediately spawned after you’ve defeated the three Mechs, letting you skip the wait for one to grow naturally. Players who are fighting the Old One’s Army can now skip the wait time in between waves simply by right-clicking on the Eternia Crystal Stand.

Additionally, the buffs from the Sharpening Station, Crystal Ball, Ammo Box, and Bewitching Table will now last until death. Watch Chippy’s announcement video to learn more!

How excited are you for Terraria’s Labor of Love Update? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Everything to Expect in Terraria’s Labor of Love Update


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