All Evertale Characters

In the open-world fantasy RPG, Evertale, players travel through six regions to catch monsters to train them and use them to fight in battles. There are many characters the player can choose to be, each with their own skill, abilities, and rarities. The characters we are focussed on in the following list are all SSR (Specially Super Rare), meaning the stats they have are usually higher than any other character.

The list is decided by examining how powerful each character is, and how good of an asset they will be to your team. Rarity does not always been best choice in character, but we have sorted out which SSR characters we would take with us on our Evertale journey.

S Tier– Best Choice

  • Rolotia (Storm)
  • Jeanne d’Arc (Light)
  • Ludmilla (Light)
  • Endless Rizette (Dark)
  • Fornaxos (Fire)
  • Endless Ludmilla (Fire)

A Tier– Excellent Choice

  • Kisara (Fire)
  • Bahamut (Earth)
  • Alira (Water)
  • Cyrus (Dark)
  • Shiori (Storm)
  • Altaireon (Storm)
  • Maxima (Fire)
  • Astrid (Water)
  • Norza (Storm)

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B Tier– Good Choice

  • Artimeria (Light)
  • Yuki (Water)
  • Rei (Water)
  • Elmina (Dark)
  • Finn (Storm)
  • Druke (Fire)
  • Voraxion (Earth)
  • Merdain (Dark)
  • Diabolos (Dark)
  • Shirra (Earth)
  • Alice (Light)
  • Kaidaros (Water)

C Tier– Average Choice

  • Kirin (Light)
  • Lucius (Light)
  • Le Fay (Dark)
  • Vesh (Earth)
  • Rashanar (Fire)
  • Vonn (Dark)
  • Orzachron (Storm)
  • Akatsuki (Fire)

D Tier– Weak Choice

  • Imran (Storm)
  • Oumei (Earth)
  • Grenzor (Water)
  • Nagi (Water)

Any not listed are basically not worth your time taking into battle.

Good luck!

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