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Eternal Night Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Battle Like a Pro

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Welcome to the cursed forest… will you be able to make it out alive? Eternal Night is a strategy collectible card game with roguelike elements. Choose a famous fairy tale hero, and venture into the cursed forest, armed with nothing but your deck of magical cards!

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In our Eternal Night tips and tricks guide, we will show you how to battle strategically through Eternal Night’s intricate battle system, and how to get the most out of your upgrades and followers.

Eternal Night is a pretty deep game gameplay wise, so there is a lot to cover. Let’s get started with our Eternal Night cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to battle like a pro!

Play your cards strategically to make it through to the end!

Eternal Night has you guide characters through a dark and haunted forest to discover the truth lying at the end. Battles happen in turn-based fashion using randomly drawn cards from your deck to perform actions and moves.

One thing to keep in mind is that your health and your followers’ health is carried over between battles, so you will need to be a little strategic with the cards you choose to play. Careful strategies will carry you all the way to the end, and considering that most levels have about ten or so battles in them, you need to endure!

Always have stacks of block on!

A point of block will absorb a single point of damage for you. For example, playing the “Defend” card grants you five block, which would absorb five points of damage. Excessive damage will spill over and start to damage your actual health.

It is very important to always keep in mind that block is VERY important in the long run. Enemies can swarm you up to groups of five enemies, and you can get overwhelmed very easily. If you are properly ready, you can take huge chunks of damage.

Build up block stacks as much as you can at the beginning of a fight to mitigate as much damage as possible. Block stacks last until the end of the battle, so don’t be afraid of playing block cards as soon as you get them.

Watch for the offensive status effect!

Whenever you see an enemy with an orange sword with a number next to it above their heads, that means that enemy is in the “offensive” status. When an enemy is in this state, it is going to attack on its next turn, dealing damage equal to the number next to the orange sword.

If you tap on an enemy when they are in this state, you will see an orange line coming out of them that points towards their target. If you check enemies often, you can tell exactly when one of your units is about to get hit.

With this knowledge, you can plan ahead to mitigate as much damage as possible. Use block cards on the unit being targeted, heal them up, or simply take out the enemy before they can even take their turn! Going off of this…

See little icons? Tap for more info!

Both your units and enemy units will usually have some kind of strange little icon next to them on the battle field. If you are ever curious as to what these icons mean, simply tap on the unit to see their current buffs and debuffs!

There are all sorts of status effects in Eternal Night, so it will be a while before you can memorize them and tell what a status effect is simply from its icon. Don’t try to guess – always look up the status effects, as they will help you plan your next move.

Use and capture followers often!

Upon starting a new level, you can bring one follower with you into battle. Followers are companions who can help you battle, but most importantly soak up some damage for you. You can have up to three followers on the field at once, and just like you, their health does not regenerate between battles.

There are a few followers that can make enemies attack them, but for the most part enemies will target whoever they wish. While this means you can still theoretically get hit, it is still good to have more followers on the field to reduce your chances.

Just like you learned in the tutorial, you can also capture certain enemies to turn them into your own followers. Do this often, as there is no limit to how many times you can capture monsters in one run. Upon capture, a monster will move to your deck, so you can play them at the beginning of a battle just like your starting follower.

Try your luck during the random events!

On the world map, you will come across panels marked with a yellow question mark. These panels are random events, and you will have to make a choice during a randomly chosen event.

Some of the events can have positive outcomes, while some have negative ones. You can always check to see if a choice can have an status effect afterwards if there is a ? next to the choice. Tap on the ? to see the description.

These events usually have some way of getting some nice loot, whether it is a new treasure or some silver to hang onto. We recommend trying your luck, because you never know what you might stumble upon!

Find the treasures!

Treasures are special items that have a permanent effect for the rest of the level once you find them. For example, Cinderella starts each level with the Slipper treasure, which grants her bonus energy when she summons three followers.

Treasures are very rare and you will only find a couple of them per level, but they are extremely helpful. During battle, you can tap the top left corner to see an overview of your collected treasures and what they do.

Use potions to help you out in battle!

You may come across potions during your travels. Potions do unique things in battle: they can heal an ally, poison an enemy, and more. You can carry up to three at a time, so try to use them before you are full so none of them go to waste.

Use gold to train up Cinderella!

Eternal Night has a grand total of seven heroes for you to play as. You start the journey out with Cinderella. You can spend gold, which is earned by completing levels, to permanently upgrade heroes to improve your stats and grant them new abilities.

We recommend sticking with Cinderella and just powering her up before you work towards anything else. Considering you get gold at a rather slow rate and Hoodwinked, the second hero, costs a whopping 12,000 gold to unlock, we think you are better off upgrading Cinderella.

Visit the blacksmith to upgrade cards!

You may come across a blacksmith during the levels. Here, you can use the forge to upgrade your cards. The silver cost starts low, but the more you upgrade, the more expensive it gets. Choose the cards you want to upgrade wisely, but also remember that all of your silver is lost upon completion of the level anyways, so do not horde it!

Try the Challenge levels for good rewards!

If you get stuck later on in the Story Mode, it might be helpful to head out and try your hand at Challenge Mode. In this mode, you will go through present levels with enemies at fixed strength.

Upon completing a challenge level for the first time, you will earn a bonus chest that contains a good amount of gold, Wishing Stones to use in the summoning shop, and more. These chests are very much worth it so try to do as many challenge levels as you can!

And that is our Eternal Night tips and tricks guide! If you have any other strategies or secrets to share with other players, let us know in the comments below!

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