You wake up in a dark and mysterious room, with no recollection of the past. Glass walls reflect the low lights around you – but what is this? The door is open? Now, you must make your way through a mysterious lab in search of the truth, but someone is watching….

Underwatch is a minimalistic and creepy stealth game where you play as an test subject on the run. It is a game of light and shadow as you must blend into the dark to avoid being seen by the security cameras.

Deft movement and careful studying are required to get through some of the levels, as they can be very tricky. The reward is a surprisingly deep and and thought-provoking story as you escape in search for the truth.

Underwatch was created by a small team of former students from the University of Tübingen in Germany. The game was created as part of Codevember 2019, an annual coding jam where developers get to dedicate a small amount of time to creating a project they have been thinking of.

As a result, Underwatch is a fun little passion project. Give it a try on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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