Epic Seven Adin Guide: Lore, Skills and More

Epic Seven Adin Guide: Lore, Skills and More

Epic Seven is a mobile RPG published by Smilegate Megaport in 2018. There are lots of different characters you are able to obtain via Gacha mechanic. Then you will need to form them into squads and manage their equipment. The knowledge about characters you can pull out is important in this game and today we are going to talk about one of these heroes. This guide will tell you about Adin, her features, and her skills.

Epic Seven Adin Lore

Adin in Epic Seven is a 3-star character that is currently excluded from summons. She belongs to the Thief class and is mostly good when you need to deal damage. However, her tank abilities are not very good. Her constellation is Leo.

Adin is an orphan that survived a big war in the north. It seems that she is a kind person that you can always rely on. She got used to traveling from one place to another because Adin had always been on the move since she was orphaned. Even though she had to survive in a warzone, she enjoys a peaceful life.

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Epic Seven Adin Skills

Adin in Epic Seven is a 3-star character that belongs to the Thief class. Her element is Earth and she got a couple of good skills that you can use to deal decent damage. Her first skill is called Ankle Cut. It makes Adin attack her opponent with a sword and increase her Combat Readiness by 20%. Her second skill is a huge AOE attack that has a chance to make opponents unable to be buffed. It is called Blade Gust and it deals more damage when it hits fewer opponents. The last skill is called Lightning Bolt and it launches a rapid attack on the enemy. Also, it buffs Adin with additional attack stat and the Weakness Shared effect. The skill is able to decrease the opponent’s defense when it deals a critical hit.

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Epic Seven Adin Guide: Lore, Skills and More


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