There are few mobile games that can boast gameplay mechanics on par with PC and consoles titles, and another one of these is going to be released very soon on the App Store. Direlight Oy’s Grimvalor finally has a release date.

Grimvalor promises to offer a very deep gameplay experience, with some interesting mechanics, fast-paced hack $ slash 2.5D action and a somewhat dark story that players won’t be able to forget easily.

Grimvalor stars powerful warrior who sets out alone on a journey to restore a corrupted kingdom. During the course of the journey, the warrior will fight a lot of fearsome enemies, find and use a lot of equipment and just experience the joy of being the savior of the land, even if it may cost him his life. Metroidvania fans will surely find something to like in the game, that’s for sure.

A game like Grimvalor requires precise controls, and thankfully players will be able to customize them fully. The game also supports MFi controllers, which seem like the way to go to avoid any unwarranted death.

Grimvalor will also support cloud saves between devices, so you can take your adventuring between different devices without loss of progression

Grimvalor launches on October 10th on the App Store for the price of $6.99. Pre-ordering the game now allows users to get it for a slightly reduced price, $4.99. Cheap, and engaging adventuring? Count me in!


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