Epic Cupcake Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Make All Cupcakes


Welcome to the land of the Epic Cupcake kingdom! In this simple yet challenging puzzle game, you will slide cute cupcakes around the board. If two like cupcakes collide, they will merge into a bigger cupcake! Can you merge your way to the epic cupcake? With the help of our Epic Cupcake cheats and tips, you will be able to be a cupcake master!

Epic Cupcake is a fun puzzle game suitable for all players, as it relies mostly on your spatial thinking instead of reflexes. There is still some nuance to it, so let’s get started with our Epic Cupcake cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to make all cupcakes!

Merge cupcakes to get stars and points!

The goal of Epic Cupcake is to merge the cupcakes and create as many cupcakes as possible. The more you make, the more points you get, and the more stars you will earn! If you manage to reach all the way to the final epic cupcake, you will earn all the stars and you will have a high score!

Plan out your moves!

The key to getting a high score in Epic Cupcake is to plan your moves and make each one count! Epic Cupcake is not like other puzzle games where the pressure is put on you instantly.

There is no time limit or move limit you have to worry about here – you can go as far as the board lets you go. So, in order to make the most out of the board, it is important to plan out your moves and not just move the cupcakes around wildly.

Try to merge on every move!

A new small cupcake will spawn on the board every time you make a move. Take this into consideration, because reckless movements will cover your board with small cupcakes!

Ideally, you want to try to merge at least one new cupcake every time you move the board around. This will ensure that you are creating new higher star cupcakes every time a small cupcake spawns on the board.

Do not give up until the very end!

If you have been merging cupcakes for a while, you may get to the point where you board is nearly stuffed with cupcakes and one more move might send you overboard.

Do not give up – even if your board is filled up all the way, if you have any possible moves left the game will not end immediately, giving you a chance to recover. Full recoveries are possible with careful movements and consideration of the above tips and tricks!

That’s all for Epic Cupcake! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Epic Cupcake Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Make All Cupcakes


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