Home Game Guides Epic Conquest 2 Coupon Codes (March 2023)

Epic Conquest 2 Coupon Codes (March 2023)

Epic Conquest 2 Coupon Codes (March 2023)
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You don’t have to have been playing this game for ages to notice the Redeem Coupon tab in the top right. And if you are curious as to what that might give you, we have gathered all the Epic Conquest coupon codes in one place: here.

You can get these codes from the game’s creators, who usually share them on their social media accounts. They give you different rewards. They expire eventually, so make sure that you grab them and use them while you still can!

So, if you want to start the game with a lot of gold and rubies to buy all the clothes you want, you’ve come to the right place. The Epic Conquest codes will be listed below, so let’s get right into it!

Available codes:

  • bogugaming: 100 Ruby.
  • bogujail17: 100 Ruby.
  • DISCORD: PARTNER: 100 Ruby and 10000 Golds.
  • EC1M: x200 Ruby, x20K Gold, and x50 Rune Fragment.
  • EC2021: x100 Ruby.
  • EC2AMY: x100 Ruby and x33333 Golds.
  • EC2BAHRBADUR: x75 Ruby, x100K Gold and x15 EXP Potion.
  • EC2BAHRBADUR: x75 Ruby, x100K Gold, and x15 EXP Potion.
  • EC2CLBK:
  • EC2DESERT: x150 Ruby.
  • EC2PLAYSTORE: x150 Ruby and x5K Gold.
  • EC500K: x150 Ruby and x20K Gold.
  • eDZY9JK: x150 Ruby.


eDZY9JK: 150x Rubies


475968: 500k Gold, 300x Ruby, 10 [Epic] Jewels of each type, 20x Sapphire Stones, 30x Red & Blue Potion, 20x Red and Blue Elixir, 20x Growth Candy

boooooooooo (10x “o”): 100x Rubies

:p: 50x Rubies

end: 150x Rubies

buggy wyvern: 50x Rubies

gongxi: 50x Rubies

notuseless: 50x Sapphire Dust

002: 10x Sapphire Stones

duit: 100k Gold

shieve: 1 million Gold

: 500k Gold

redjuel: 5 [Common] Red Jewels

purpjuel: 5 [Common] Purple Jewels

ornjuel: 5 [Common] Orange Jewels

500k: 500k Gold, 50x Rubies, 50x Iron, 50x Cloth, 50x Silver, 50x Fabric, 25x Void Souls, 25x Gale Souls, 5 [Epic] Jewels of each type, 10x Sapphire Stones

That’s all the Epic Conquest codes we have gathered so far, but keep an eye out of the Epic Conquest Facebook page because they will keep posting new codes once in a while, because you never know when it might come in handy.

All of these codes can be claimed immediately, so head into the game and type in the codes. Yeah, some are strange, like the “dot dot dot” one, but the fact of the matter is that they work, so use them!

If you want to learn more about the game, go take a look at our Epic Conquest tips and tricks because these codes might be used for gathering some neat gear or grabbing a couple of new fashions for your heroes!

As a result, if you have any new working codes that we haven’t mentioned, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to our list so that everyone who plays the game can claim them!

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Epic Conquest 2 Coupon Codes (March 2023)



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