Epic Arena is a truly epic turn based strategy game that has just been launched on iOS and we’re already here to share with you a complete set of Epic Arena cheats, actually some great tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of the game. We’re trying to make this article into a perfect, complete strategy guide for all players out there, so if you need some extra help playing this brilliant title, check out Touch Tap Play’s Epic Arena cheats and tips and win all battles!

NOTE: For the duration of play, we kept getting a “Code 3000” error from the game which was unable to connect to the game’s servers, therefore online play was not available. All the Epic Arena tips and tricks below are based on the single player missions, but they can easily be used in the Duel or Blitz modes.


1. There are two sets of single player missions
I know that this isn’t the best advice you can get, but if you are like me and it takes you ages to find out, it’s better to know from the start: there are actually two sets of single player missions available in Epic Arena, the Order Missions that you’ll start with by default and the Chaos Missions that you can select from the main menu.

2. Battle tips & tricks
The battles are the most important parts of the game and having a great strategy is extremely important. You should always try to adjust your strategy and make sure that you are making the best choice at all times, using the “rewind” button as often as possible and testing different approaches to the battle until you find the perfect one. Here are some tips that are usually helpful in all cases:

– Always judge the situation and see which is the easiest route to victory: kill all the enemy troops or destroy the artifact. In most cases, there is one easy way out, so make sure you check out all the stats and positioning of your troops!
– Take enemies out one at a time. Unless you really have powerful area of effect troops or power-ups, you should focus on taking the most dangerous enemy out. Your enemy also has just 5 moves and rarely they will use more troops than one. So even if you are greatly outnumbered, you can still win!
– Don’t rush to use your cards! Most of the times, it’s best to wait and use the troops that you already have on the battlefield and wait for the perfect moment to use the cards.
– Protect your best troops. Sometimes, you will have to sacrifice one of your troops in order to keep the strongest ones alive. Simply send them forward and attack with them, making sure that your most valuable troop stays alive for as long as possible.
– Control the power-ups on the board in order to get advantages. Just make sure you move to useful ones (for example, don’t move over the purple power-up if you’re not attacking the artifact).
– Upgrade your units. Since we weren’t able to get full access to all the online features, we can’t write a guide for the moment for all these features, but it makes sense that upgraded units are a lot better. So put all that loot to good use and upgrade your troops.

For now, these would be our Epic Arena tips and tricks. As soon as we’re able to squeeze into the online play and get to experience all the elements this great title has to offer, we’ll be back with more strategy tips! Until then, if you were lucky enough to be able to connect to the game’s servers, you can share your tips with us below.



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