Endless Runner games are all the rage right now in the iOS gaming world. Some of the most recent games offer really nice twists on the basic gameplay formula, making them stand out from the competition.

Any Landing is probably one of the most unique games of the genre. Not for its acual gameplay experience but for its premise, which is the true nightmare for all those who often have to fly.


In Any Landing, you will be controlling a place which has to be landed. It’s not a regular landing we’re talking about, but an emergency one. Landing the plane properly will allow you to save your passengers. Doing it not so well will result in a very bad ending.

Just like in other several endless runner games, you will be able to keep going as long as you are able to, collecting items in the process which can be used to purchase upgrades and extra items.

One feature that sets the game apart is the controls. To control your plane, you will have to lean your device to the left to ascend and slow down and right to descend and gain speed. It’s a really nice twist that makes the game quite enjoyable, despite its not too original execution.

Any Landing is a free to play game and as such comes with IAPs. Thankfully they don’t get in the way of enjoyment so download the game right away and get ready to save a lot of lives!

Any Landing is now available for download on the App Store.




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