Endless Grades: Pixel Saga Tier List | Best Characters

If you want a complete tier list for Endless Grades: Pixel Saga, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ve ranked every single character in the game, to help you pick some of the best for your team.

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In the game you don’t really get to level up your characters, only Beth – the Valkyrie, your main character. Based on that, all of the other units you will summon will be matched in level. So, it can be quite easy to swap out characters whenever you want. However, not all are created equal, and my goal today is to show you which are the best characters in Endless Grades. Let’s dive right in!

Endless Grades Tier List

TierCharacter Name
S+ TierSolo (Chaos Guitarist), Lilian (Clear Heart), Fenrir (Demon Heart), Peerless (Sword’s Oath), Rita (Shadowblade), Arthur (Wild Lord), Illya (7-Seas Conqueror), Ganglot (Reaper’s Embrace), Delia (Shepherd), Jormugand (Midgard Serpent), Sophia (Glow Priest)
S TierSkadi (Frost Queen), Hoder (Night Walker), Evelyn (Frost Witch), Taro (Outsider), Lina (Fire Magician), Chloe (Sandstorm Enforcer), Keel (Frost Wolf), Galadriel (Elven Queen), Disaia (Phonologist), Amara (Dreamweaver), Maeve (Predator), Artemis (Huntress Goddess), Nora (Commander), Eddy (Bone Reaper)
A TierInes (Fiery Dancer), Kyle (The Adventurer), Flora (Thorn Queen), Isett (Desert Princess), Lilith (Succubus), Alina (Verdant Waraxe), Suri (Phoenix Knight), Dracula (Bloodthirsty Count)
B TierLeonardo (Dream Painter), Victoria (Lady Elegance), Lydia (Ripple Dancer), Luna (Windwing Blade), Brienne (Radiant Guardian), Fiona (Triumphal Spear)
C TierHeidrun (Sommelier), Roman (Aeolan Piper), Devyn (Ventriloquist)
D TierCharlotte (Swift Archer), Marl (Rose Hammer), Alice (Fate Prophet), Ivy (Perfumer), Vanessa (Verdant Mage), Guildroy (Flame Magus), Tira (The Tracker), L (Budoka), Catherine (Shadow Assassin), Nina (Tide Envoy), Sia (Homeland Keeper), Caron (Fearless First), K (Nonstop Fighter), Myrtala (Shadow Sentinel), Belinda (Sacred Utterance), Tassy (Crimson Lotus), Diana (Moon Shadow), Letty (Lady), Gabriel (Fiery Angel), Sin (Faceless), Aelia (Surge Sword), Aidan (Blazelench), Lee (Windblad), Melinda (Wave Slayer), Lisa (Flame Chef), Seraf (Daybreaker), Dyra (WindDrifter), Grace (Stoneheart), Lyra (Tideweaver), Vera (Cunning Twinblade), Passat (Skyweaver), Aldrin (Jungle Hunter)
F TierRae (Tide Maiden), Sylvie (Radiant Blade), Harley (Peace Keeper), Annie (Annie), Lycra (Sharp Axe), Wendy (Aquasylph), Pyra (Solar Blade), Blaze (Blaze), Camilla (Illusion Magician), Barret (Fury Axe), Connie (Inferno Gunblazer), Jose (Apprentice Mage), Barad (Shadow Wolf)

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  • Solo (Chaos Guitarist)
  • Lilian (Clear Heart)
  • Fenrir (Demon Heart)
  • Peerless (Sword’s Oath)
  • Rita (Shadowblade)
  • Arthur (Wild Lord)
  • Illya (7-Seas Conqueror)
  • Ganglot (Reaper’s Embrace)
  • Delia (Shepherd)
  • Jormugand (Midgard Serpent)
  • Sophia (Glow Priest)

These here are the best characters that you can have in Endless Grade: Pixel Saga, period point blank. SS-Tier is actually a step further than great, these characters are overpowered. Of course, you always want to keep it somewhat balanced when you are making a team. I mean, you still need to have a tank to frontline your team, maybe support, and so on. Speaking about support characters, Solo is one of the best for the job. He can attack multiple enemies and heal his teammates at the same time. Also, he can prevent them from taking fatal damage for a couple of turns.


  • Skadi (Frost Queen)
  • Hoder (Night Walker)
  • Evelyn (Frost Witch)
  • Taro (Outsider)
  • Lina (Fire Magician)
  • Chloe (Sandstorm Enforcer)
  • Keel (Frost Wolf)
  • Galadriel (Elven Queen)
  • Disaia (Phonologist)
  • Amara (Dreamweaver)
  • Maeve (Predator)
  • Artemis (Huntress Goddess)
  • Nora (Commander)
  • Eddy (Bone Reaper)

S-Tier characters are amazing. From the very early stages of the game, all the way to end game content their performance is top-notch. Maybe they are not as overpowered as the SS-Tier ones, but they are close! Disaia is a great alternative to Solo if you are looking for someone to heal your team. Her continuous healing and damage reduction (on top of other buffs and debuffs) can turn the tides of battle in your favor.


  • Ines (Fiery Dancer)
  • Kyle (The Adventurer)
  • Flora (Thorn Queen)
  • Isett (Desert Princess)
  • Lilith (Succubus)
  • Alina (Verdant Waraxe)
  • Suri (Phoenix Knight)
  • Dracula (Bloodthirsty Count)

A-tier heroes are good. Actually, a bit more than that. You can easily keep them even in your very late game comp. It’s just that you don’t want to build your team around them. But they are serviceable. For example, Isset can’t only dish out a lot of damage to 2 enemies, but she also reduces her targets’ rage. Something like a DPS debuffer in a way. On top of that she has a shield, she can CC enemies whenever an ally dies, and more.


  • Leonardo (Dream Painter)
  • Victoria (Lady Elegance)
  • Lydia (Ripple Dancer)
  • Luna (Windwing Blade)
  • Brienne (Radiant Guardian)
  • Fiona (Triumphal Spear)

As far as SSR characters go, the ones that landed here are somewhere in the middle. They are not great, but they’re not bad either. Of course, you can use them to round up your end-game team. Keep in mind that we are always talking about end-game content here.


  • Heidrun (Sommelier)
  • Roman (Aeolan Piper)
  • Devyn (Ventriloquist)

Out of any SSR character that you can get, these three are the worst. Of course, if you are a new player, they will give you a tremendous boost and help you tackle content. It’s just that they are not as impactful in the very late stages of the game as the characters rank above them.

Image via Endless Grades


  • Charlotte (Swift Archer)
  • Marl (Rose Hammer)
  • Alice (Fate Prophet)
  • Ivy (Perfumer)
  • Vanessa (Verdant Mage)
  • Guildroy (Flame Magus)
  • Tira (The Tracker)
  • L (Budoka)
  • Catherine (Shadow Assassin)
  • Nina (Tide Envoy)
  • Sia (Homeland Keeper)
  • Caron (Fearless First)
  • K (Nonstop Fighter)
  • Myrtala (Shadow Sentinel)
  • Belinda (Sacred Utterance)
  • Tassy (Crimson Lotus)
  • Diana (Moon Shadow)
  • Letty (Lady)
  • Gabriel (Fiery Angel)
  • Sin (Faceless)
  • Aelia (Surge Sword)
  • Aidan (Blazelench)
  • Lee (Windblad)
  • Melinda (Wave Slayer)
  • Lisa (Flame Chef)
  • Seraf (Daybreaker)
  • Dyra (WindDrifter)
  • Grace (Stoneheart)
  • Lyra (Tideweaver)
  • Vera (Cunning Twinblade)
  • Passat (Skyweaver)
  • Aldrin (Jungle Hunter)

Sadly, this batch of characters is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. They have no use when you reach the end game. Of course, they are better than the R-rarity characters, and that’s why they rank higher. They will only help you in the very early stages of the game. In some games, rarity doesn’t mean as much, but that’s not the case in Endless Grade. I won’t go into too much detail about them. Some may be a little bit better than others but the differences are insignificant.


  • Rae (Tide Maiden)
  • Sylvie (Radiant Blade)
  • Harley (Peace Keeper)
  • Annie (Annie)
  • Lycra (Sharp Axe)
  • Wendy (Aquasylph)
  • Pyra (Solar Blade)
  • Blaze (Blaze)
  • Camilla (Illusion Magician)
  • Barret (Fury Axe)
  • Connie (Inferno Gunblazer)
  • Jose (Apprentice Mage)
  • Barad (Shadow Wolf)

In all honesty, these characters don’t matter. Like, at all. You will have some of them on your team when you start the game, yes. But, once you start getting new ones you will switch them out and then you will forget about them. The only reason you want them is for your “Codex” collection. Also, since they are easy to find, you can use them for some of the “Ascension” quests you will be given.

Let me know if you’d like to know anything else about Endless Grades, and I will make sure to deliver! In the meantime, you should check out the latest Endless Grades codes!

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