Although the battles have ended, the war is far from “over”. The country is still volatile, and tensions continue to rise. To truly stabilize the country, civilians and military priorities must be sorted out to stop the insurgents from rising to power!

Rebel Inc. is a new military/political simulation game from the same minds that brought us Plague Inc., the wide-spread disease simulation game. If you are familiar at all with the App Store, you have probably come across it at some point, and for good reason – it is one of the most popular paid games of all time!

So, with that backing, we can only expect that Ndemic Creations has another hit on their hands. This time around, players will be dealing with insurgents, the people’s respect, and military powers. Delicate balance must be maintained if players wish to bring stability to the region!

Rebel Inc. features five different regions, each modeled after real-world counterparts. Each region has a topographical map with highly detailed textures, creating a lifelike appearance. Ndemic Creations is going for the authentic experience here, and it shows.

And while this is ultimate a game, Rebel Inc. does shed some light on real world issues. The team has carefully represented all sides of conflict, and they researched real life examples and even spoke with politicians and officials.

Can you stop the insurgency? Rebel Inc. is planned for a December 6 release for 1.99 USD. You can pre-order the game on the App Store.

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