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eFootball 2024 Guide, Tips & Tricks

eFootball 2024 Guide, Tips & Tricks
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It’s time to hit the field in eFootball 2024, the latest update to Konami’s longest-running football series. Like the previous season updates to eFootball, the 2024 season adds new players, modes, and even some new mechanics, granting players even more freedom to customize their team simulator experience.

As a realistic sports simulator game, eFootball 2024 has a lot of mechanics and nuances to it, so it can be daunting trying to keep up. We’ve got some helpful tips and tricks in our eFootball 2024 guide to help you get started.

Tip #1 – Start with free training

If you’ve never played eFootball before, the best place to start is in free training. This training mode can be accessed by going to the extras menu, and then selecting the training category.

There are five different training modes, and each one is tailored towards specific situations you would find yourself in during a real match, such as corner kicking and penalty kicking. For now, the one you want is free training.

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In free training, you are dropped into a normal match view, with full control over your players. eFootball 2024 is a realistic football simulator, so it’ll take some time to get used to the controls if you’ve never played a football game like this before.

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Do take some time and familiarize yourself with the controls. In free training, all types of controls can be seen in the top left info panel. Each button has multiple layers of actions, so unless you want to leak goals nonstop, make sure to get used to the control layout.

Once you feel comfortable enough in free training, go ahead and try the other training modes out. You’ll get some helpful experience when you’re in those modes, and they’ll come in handy when it comes time for the real thing.

Tip #2 – Complete the Debut Missions

If you feel you’re ready for the real thing, it’s time to get to work! Your first order of business is to tackle the Debut Missions. These missions were created for the 2024 season, and as such, are geared towards newer players. Even if you’re a returning veteran of eFootball, it’s still very much worth your time to complete these missions, as they offer great rewards, including GP, Guaranteed Tickets, Training Programs, and more.

You’ll learn how to navigate eFootball 2024‘s menus and how to find all the things you are looking for. The Debut Missions will also teach you how to sign new players to your team, which is probably the most important thing.

One of the last Debut Missions is to complete a Debut Match, which is a practice match against an AI opponent. Since it’s not a human opponent, there’s less pressure, so take this as a chance to get used to eFootball‘s game play.

Tip #3 – Setting up your Game Plan

Before you jump into a match, you’ll have to set up your Game Plan, which is a general look at how your team plans to approach the game. Your Game Plan is broken down into four overarching categories:

  • Tactics concerns your team’s strategy and formation during the match. If you like your team to take an angled approach to a match, consider changing your formation or play style here.
  • Team is your team’s overall line-up, including substitute players. You can have the game auto-pick for you from your best players, or you can set up your team positions individually.
  • Substitutes are your bench players that can swap in with your main players.
  • Reserves are another type of back-up players that can swap in.
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If you’re new to eFootball, we recommend just leaving most things as default, and going from there. The one thing you do need to do first is have the game auto-pick your team, so make sure to do that. The game will automatically fill out your formations with your best players. This is actually a Debut Mission, so you can earn some rewards for doing so.

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Tip #4 – User versus AI-controlled matches

One nice feature of eFootball 2024 is that you can actually let the AI take over for you and simulate your matches. If you’re in a hurry, or you just want to gain experience for your players, letting the AI control your matches is not a bad idea.

During an AI-controlled match, the game takes into consideration your players’ main stats and your tactics. This means that if the opposing team has a higher overall power than your team, there is a good chance you are going to lose.

However, in some cases, you can probably make up for lower power by manually controlling your players and using strategic moves. In general, if you want to save time, AI-controlled matches are the way to go. If you want to ensure victory in a close matchup, you’ll want to take manual control.

Of course, if you’re solely interested in the simulator aspect of eFootball 2024, AI-controlled matches are the way to go, since you can see how well your tactics and line-ups hold up. In fact, we actually recommend letting the AI take over if you’re new to the series, since eFootball has a rather complex control scheme that takes some time getting used to.

Tip #5 – Training players

Players who take part in matches earn player experience, and they level up once they earn enough experience. You can also use Training Programs on players to instantly level them up.

Players earn Progression Points upon leveling up. Progression Points can improve certain attributes of that player, including offense and defense. You only have a set amount of points, and if you don’t know what that player should invest in, you can use the auto-allocate option to choose the recommended attributes.

You can reset your player’s Progression Points at any time. Normally it costs a small GP fee to do so, but it’s completely free for a few weeks after you sign the player for the first time. Take advantage of this if you want to experiment.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Each player also has skills. Some skills enhance a player’s innate abilities, while some enable players to do actions they couldn’t before. Skills are very useful, and you can pull up a full list of them while looking at a player’s skill list. Some skills are more valuable for specific types of situations, so try to cater to the player’s strengths.

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eFootball 2024 Guide, Tips & Tricks