Dungonian Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get Lots of Gold

Do you have what it takes to be a Dungonian? Dungonian is a pixel art card RPG where your chose hero is thrown right into the middle of a dungeon, and they must fight and scavenge to survive all the while collecting as many gold coins as possible.

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In our Dungonian tips and tricks guide, we will show you how to survive long in the dungeon and grab as many gold coins as possible. It is all about picking your battles and being prepared, so you have to be smart in the dungeon! Let’s get started with our Dungonian cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to get lots of gold!

Fight to Survive

In Dungonian, your goal is to survive as long as possible and grab as many coins as you can before you meet your untimely end. The odds are stacked against you and since this game is so random, your run could get cut short just because of bad luck.

Therefore, you should only fight if absolutely necessary. If you need to fight, take the path of least resistance and target the lowest health monsters around you. Remember that a monster’s health is equal to their attack power.

You want to try to hang onto your weapons for as long as possible. You never know which monster is going to move on the next turn, so if you move into a space where a monster was going to move, it will attack you instead. A weapon can help avoid ambush situations.

Alternate Between Weak and Strong Targets

When you first start a run, you will be greeted with only weak monsters. These monsters usually do not have more than 4 HP, so you can take them out relatively easy.

As you continue on however, the monsters gradually get stronger and stronger. If you target nothing but the weak monsters, eventually you will end up with a room full of stronger, tanky monsters which, needless to say, is something you want to avoid!

Take out the weaker monsters until a new weapon spawns in, then grab it as fast as you can. Use the new weapon to take down one of the stronger monsters to keep everything in check.

Do not Take a Weapon until you are Ready

When you walk over to a tile with a weapon card in it, you will automatically equip the weapon and be ready to fight. However, if you already have a weapon, the game will ask which weapon you want to keep.

Despite what you choose, the new weapon will be disappear. If you accidentally move onto a tile when a weapon when you already have a perfectly good one, you may waste it. Try not to take weapons until your current one is heavily damaged or if you are unarmed completely.

Use Special Moves Wisely

Each hero has a special move that requires ten moves to fully charge. Once charged, the hero can use their special at any time but they will have to wait another ten turns to use it again.

Special moves are very powerful and they can save your life if you use them at the right time. The starting hero, the Knight, immediately gets a sword and restores 6 HP, making it great for survival.

Every hero’s special move is different – they can range from supportive abilities to powerful AoE damaging moves, and so forth. Know to utilize your special move to the fullest!

Unlocking New Heroes and Upgrading Them

As you collect gold coins, you may be wondering what you can do with them. Well, you can do plenty! You can purchase chests that give you a random hero, or you can use them to upgrade your weapons.

As a free player, you will probably be buying the regular chests. These chests cost 1,000 gold, and they have a chance to contain a small amount of gems, plus a hero. You will most likely get a common rarity hero, but there is a chance for the higher rarity ones.

The chests that cost gems have better chances of obtaining rarer heroes, so that is what you should ultimately work towards with your gems. Keep opening the basic chests to get more gems!

When you get a hero, you will unlock them for play. If you get a hero that you already had, they will level up, increasing their maximum health. It is never a bad thing to get duplicate heroes!

Unlocking and Upgrading Weaponry

You start the game out with a small set of weapons. If you visit the Weaponry from the main menu, you can spend coins to upgrade weapons, which increases their maximum amount of damage.

You can also spend coins to unlock new weapons to appear during the game. Some weapons can be unlocked right off the bat, so make sure to go into the Weaponry and unlock those right away.

Some weapons have special effects, and the only way to confirm that is to check it out in the Weaponry. The game does not offer on the fly explanations for each weapon, so you will need to refer here.

For example, the Vampiric Sword has lifesteal on it, while the Gold Sword converts the damage it deals into gold coins, among other effects.

Upgrading weapons is a nice, but you should probably focus on unlocking new heroes and leveling up heroes to increase your chances of survival. More damage on weapons is nice, but since you never know what weapons are going to spawn, it is better to go after heroes first.

Keep an eye on Special Enemies

Ever wondered what the laughing happy face meant in the little box above enemies? Well turns out that that box shows if the enemy has special properties. Here is all of them:

  • The sword icon means that the enemy can only be killed by weapons.
  • The two people icon means that this enemy splits into multiple copies of itself if it is not killed in one hit.
  • The hammer icon means that this enemy can only be damaged by blunt, heavy weapons.
  • The KO means that this monster regenerates health, so it must be killed in one hit.
  • The laughing happy face means that the monster has no special properties.
  • The spikes mean that the monster has a 50/50 chance of creating spikes, which traps the tile it is on.
  • The fist means that the monster can only be damaged by unarmed attacks.
  • The broken sword icon means that this monster will break your weapon if you hit it with one.

Special enemies do not show up until you are far in the game, so you do not have to worry about them for a while. They can cause trouble when they show up, so make sure you plan around them.

Grab the Coins and Stay Equipped

There are so many random elements in Dungonian that you need to be prepared for anything. Grab gold coins as soon as they drop because if a monster moves onto the tile in the right position, it will be pushed off screen.

This goes for just about any other item. You never know which monster is going to move next, so expected to be attacked at any point. As long as you have a weapon equipped, you should be fine as you will automatically counterattack.

That’s all for Dungonian! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Dungonian Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get Lots of Gold

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