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Dungeoning Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build the Best Party

Dungeoning Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build the Best Party

Dungeoning is an all new incremental RPG. Build a party of fearless heroes and delve into deep, dark dungeons in search of glory and treasure. Fight countless hordes, earn powerful loot, and enchant it to grow stronger. Only the strongest party will have a chance of taking down Lord Awful – will it be yours?

In Touch Tap Play’s Dungeoning tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game as the interface can be overwhelming at first. We will show you how to efficiently build your heroes and manage your party, so let us get started with our Dungeoning cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to build the best party!

Quest to Get Stronger

Your heroes will embark on the journey by completing quests. Your hero will automatically fight on their own, without ever requiring manual control. Heroes will earn gold, enchants, gear, and sometimes books as they defeat monsters, all resources that will help them gain power.

The main meat of the game is progressing through the dungeons, but you will need to quest for a while before you will be sufficiently prepared. Questing is the key to getting stronger, so for now you just have to sit back and let your heroes fight for you.

At the top of the screen you can see your quest progression. Clearing enough quests will reward you with special books that allow you to level up your characters, the most important method of powering them up.

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Preparing the Party

The tutorial will have you start the game out with one hero, but you can actually increase your party count by adding more heroes into your group. Tap on the head at the bottom and then tap on the icon with multiple people.

Here you can create new heroes to add to your party. The default party size is five heroes, which is perfect because there are exactly five classes to choose from. You should make one hero from every class.

Only one hero can be active at a time, but all heroes will fight when you venture into the dungeons. Inactive heroes will continue to farm gold for your active hero, but they will not gain any resources.

We will deal with that later though. For now, just fill out your party with one of every class. The race and gender do not seem to matter, so go ahead and pick whatever you like.

Learning Moves

Heroes will be relatively weak when they first set out, so you will need to pump some power into them to give them a fighting chance. The first thing you should do is learn new moves. Heroes start out with one basic move, but more can be learned as their stats increase.

Each hero has a stamina (red) and mana (blue) pool. These resources will generate over time, and they can be allocated to each move to increase their potency. Martial moves require stamina, while magical moves need mana.

You will notice that each move has either a yellow sword or a blue shield on it – this represents if the move is defensive or offensive. Your total offensive and defensive stats are listed at the top of the screen, and they show the hero’s overall power. Higher offensive means enemies die faster, while higher defensive means the hero can take more punishment.

Stamina and mana both have caps, and you can only allocate so many points before you hit the cap. After that, no more points may be allocated. You can pay a small gold fee to reset the points, but your points are automatically reset every time the hero levels up so you should not need to do this.

Learning and powering up moves is the first and more simplest way of powering up your heroes, so make sure to use your points.

Improving Rarity and Enchanting Gear

Your heroes will collect gear and enchantments as they eliminate monsters. You can also find them in the chests that you can tap on as your heroes are questing.

Gear works a little differently in this game than most RPGs. Gear is initially useless – each piece of gear has three stats on them which starts out by boosting +1 to that stat, which is negligible. You must apply enchants to the gear in question to increase the stat boosts on it and make it actually worthwhile.

Make sure to apply the enchants you get as you progress through the game. Enchants are relatively common, so do not worry too much about wasting them – you will get more of them in time.

Gear also comes in rarities. From most common to rarest, it goes common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and then inconceivable.

Rarer gear has more stats on them – for example a common base item will have three stats on it, while a legendary item will have five stats on it. You should equip higher rarity gear as soon as you get them. Your enchants will not transfer over, but again that can easily be fixed.

You can also fuse pieces of gear to create stronger gear. Go to the forge, then combine ten pieces of gear of the same rarity to increase the base gear’s rarity by one tier. Make sure to do this often so that your inventory does not clog up.

Quick tip: when you are looking at the questing screen, the two bars at the bottom of the screen that are labeled inventory and enchants will show you how full those respective inventories are.

Leveling Up

Completing quests and slaying monsters will earn you books, a rare currency needed to level up a hero. Leveling up heroes will reset their gold and moves back to their square one, but in return they earn prestige points.

Prestige points can be used on different power ups that strengthen the hero permanently. Leveling up is the key to getting strong in the long run, so do it as much as you can.

The best way to get more books is to simply quest. The more quest tiers you complete, the more books you will earn.

Managing your Party

You should designate one hero to be your “main” hero and focus your most efforts in them. Once they are strong enough you can start focusing on the rest of your party.

Each hero has their own inventories, so you do not have to worry about trading items or enchants to the rest of your party. They also have their own books, stamina and mana pools, and gold.

Essentially nothing really carries over between heroes, for better or worse. You cannot trade powerful items to each other, but at least this cuts down on the amount of micromanaging you have to do.

Powering up the rest of your party is important to surviving the later dungeons though, so it is something you will need to do.


Your heroes are strong enough – it is time to go dungeoning! Firstly you should try your hand at the questing dungeons.

These are basic dungeons that contain monsters that are not too strong but not too weak either, so make sure your party is prepared. The tier of the dungeon will give you a general idea of how strong the monsters are, so make sure your gear matches the tier.

The next section contains chained dungeons. These dungeons appear in a set order, and they often pack very strong monsters in them. The main chained dungeon is the story of Lord Awful, which is the main campaign, so you will want to clear that eventually.

You may also come across challenge dungeons depending on how far you have quested. Challenge dungeons are very long, so make sure you are ready for a deep descent.

Clearing any kind of dungeon will reward you with plenty of helpful goodies, including books and gold. If your party is too weak to handle the dungeons, do some quests, level up, and power up your gear and come back when you feel ready.

That’s all for Dungeoning! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Dungeoning Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build the Best Party


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