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Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Cheats: Tips & Guide to Clear the Dungeons and Summon All Heroes

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Cheats: Tips & Guide to Clear the Dungeons and Summon All Heroes
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In the idle RPG Dungeon Rush: Rebirth you have the opportunity to explore dungeons and fight to collect legendary heroes and rewards. To make things better for you, in today’s article we gathered the best Dungeon Rush: Rebirth cheats and tips to clear the dungeons easily and summon the best hero squad.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into our Dungeon Rush Rebirth tips and tricks:

Faction Correlation (or what’s good and what’s not)

The factions in game are one of the most important features, because they have counters, and it’s best you know that when you set up a team to go on a quest. Choosing the right faction, results in you dealing 50% more damage. The factions counter each other as follows:

Shield is strong vs Gloom

Gloom is strong vs Forest

Forest is strong vs Chaos

Chaos is strong vs Shield

Judgment is strong vs Destruction

Destruction is strong vs Judgment.

Keep that in mind, as it will help you in case you get stuck fighting an enemy.

Don’t make your healer tank!

The formation of your team is important, because if you send your highest damage dealers on the front line, you’ll lose them in no time. The front line is the two slots in the middle (Slot 1 and Slot 2), where you should send the tanks, because they take the most damage for your team.

The Slots 3 – 6 are for the damage dealers (yes, those OP mages) and healers. They will take damage as well, but significantly less damage than the front liners. Put here the best tier heroes you have (SS, S or A).

Discard of the useless

Also known as the location where you send the unwanted heroes (oh well, we do what we need to do). Here, the unwanted heroes will be disassembled and you’ll receive Soul Glint and Hero Souls. These are good for upgrading your existing heroes, so don’t worry about the other ones. They’ve done well! (in getting disenchanted)

The heroes you want to sacrifice here are basically the D tier, C tier, B tier and sometimes even A tier (if you have some S and SS ones).

Gearing up (or down)

To enhance your equipment, you need to dismantle the unwanted one (just like you did with the heroes). This will give you the necessary materials to enhance the gear you want (preferably the high tier one). Based on the quality of the gear, it could give you three types of material: basic, medium and advanced.

These qualities matter when you enhance your gear, because if you have advanced gear, it can only be enhanced with advanced materials; if you have medium gear, it requires medium quality materials and for the basic gear, you’ll need basic quality materials.

The equipment qualities are, in order of quality, as follows: Blue, Gold, Purple, Green, Ruby and Orange. If you want to enhance it, you must know that equipment only above purple  quality can be upgraded.


The events are held from time to time and they give some really good rewards and resources to improve your team. It’s best if your team is high level and well equipped, because some events will need quite a high skill.

Dungeons don’t need a map

Once you unlocked them, your heroes can be sent to farm there. Since it’s an idle game, you don’t have to babysit them. They’ll gather resources and experience, and with the auto farming feature, you can only return to level them up.

These dungeons, however, are of three difficulties: Normal, Nightmare and Hell (kinda dark if you ask me). These levels are unlocked progressively, so if you want to go from Normal difficulty right into Hell difficulty, you’ll have to first complete Nightmare. Only by completing each of them, the next one will unlock.

The more, the merrier! How to unlock more heroes

To obtain heroes, you have a few methods.

One is through combat drops, where random hero shards will be given as reward for completing dungeons, daily missions and Tower of Oblivion.

Another method of obtaining heroes is through the stores in game. You’ll find such stores in the Guild (assuming you joined one), Black Market (shady merchant, that one, but has good stuff), Hero Market, and Heart Market.

If you think you’re lucky, you can also have a go at the Wishing Well. It has a chance to drop hero shards, but it’s not guaranteed. Good Luck!

Keep in mind, though, not all heroes are equal! Sadly, the B and below tier of heroes are pretty much useless. There is no need to fill your inventory with them, so you should just send them to the altar in return for some goodies.

The good heroes, however, need some help too! They might be SS, S or even A tier, but they have to be leveled and geared up in order to be strong. So once you have the resources, invest in leveling them (and their skills) equally to have the best odds at facing the strongest opponents.

More benefits? Join a guild!

In the Guild page you can apply to already existing guilds, or if you and your friends have created one, you can enter the Guild ID and join it. Of course, for this there is a guild application that has to be reviewed accepted. If you are accepted for joining the guild, congratulations! If you haven’t been accepted, don’t worry. You can create your own guild.

To create your own guild you’ll need to reach a certain level and to have quite a big amount of blue gems on you (300!!). But once it’s created, you’ll be the leader and the task of accepting others will fall in your hands.

In the guild, your will have to be an active player, and to constantly contribute in order to upgrade it. The buildings your Guild has are in the Territory tab, and there you can farm at the Guild Mill for some extra rewards, or even upgrade it for donating 100k gold.

The Guild boss can also be summoned for blue gems and it gives you increasing amounts of guild funds which can be spent in the store. It’s a good feature and the longer you stay active in your guild, the more rewards you’ll get.

Goodies Packages

If you feel like leveling up and gathering heroes faster then others, you can check out the Packages tab, where for some RL money you can get some very nice in game goodies. From Hero Packages to Level packages, you can choose from a variety of Daily, Weekly or Monthly Packages as well.

The Last Man Standing

If you’re a PvP fan, you can check out the arena! Here, you can fight other players and their heroes, and obtain blue gems as rewards. The longer your heroes stay alive, the better chance you having at beating your opponent!

Also, keep in mind that you only have 5 free fights every day, so make them count! The rewards are worth it!

With these in mind, we hope our Dungeon Rush: Rebirth cheats and tips help you find your path through the dungeons and acquire the heroes you wanted! We’ll soon post a guide to all the heroes in Dungeon Rush: Rebirth, so stay tuned!

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