Dungeon & Heroes Tips: Cheats & Guide to Be the Best

For those looking for some Dungeon & Heroes tips and cheats, our complete guide will definitely be the answer. We’re sharing everything you need to know about the game in order to help you get better, recruit the best heroes and build the mightiest armies.

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Dungeon & Heroes struck a sensitive chord here because a part of it looks like one of my all time favorites: Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Therefore, I couldn’t have ignored the game even if I wanted to – and I am happy that I didn’t, because it’s a refreshing RPG experience on mobile.

One that’s about to get better with our Dungeon & Heroes cheats and tips shared in the guide below, so let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out the Dungeon & Heroes guide!

Follow the main story
If you’re just starting to play the game, the best way for you to progress in the best possible way is for you to follow the main quest line. Simply complete task after task without trying to do anything extra, except for maybe developing your main castle and upgrading buildings there.

Apart from this, the main story is perfect early on since it guides you through everything you must do, and does so in the correct order. You will also unlock extra Heroes easily by following the campaign, so don’t do everything as you feel like and follow the campaign instead!

You can also tap the “Task” button in the lower left corner and take a look at the side-quests as well. Some of them are really important – like all the ones related to leveling up buildings in your Castle.

Level up your heroes
Having heroes of a level as high as possible is extremely important, as their level increases their strength and allows you to also upgrade their equipment to higher levels, therefore making them even more powerful.

So work on leveling them up as much as possible in order to be able to level up their skills and equipment. This is the main key to building a perfect team of strong heroes and progressing as far as possible in the game.

Find your favorite 5 and focus on them
When it comes to Dungeon & Heroes, you won’t have more than 5 heroes active at the same time in battle (sometimes just 3). This means that you should only focus on upgrading your top 5 heroes in order to make progress as easy as possible.

Now, it depends on many factors what heroes you have unlocked and which ones should you focus on, but my recommendation would be to see if you have any of the following top heroes and start with them: Defender, Gladiator, Priest, Brynhild or Nekros.

Craft gear and level it up
As I mentioned above, you can craft various pieces of equipment and equip them on your heroes. There are many you can collect by playing the game and many that you can craft in your own Castle. Take advantage of all options and equip your best heroes with the best gear that you have, trying to use equipment that focuses on their strengths.

Then upgrade the gear whenever you have the chance, starting with your best Heroes and then going down to the weaker ones. Remember that the Shop is one of the best ways to get your hands on some really good equipment without having to wait for events:

You can also decompose gear you no longer need in the Smithy – doing so will reward you with items required for upgrading the gear you already have, so make sure that you constantly do this in order to keep your main items at maximum levels.

Collect tax constantly
Resources are collected constantly, based on the number of workers you have assigned. But tax (money or coins) is not, so you will have to personally visit your Castle constantly and collect the money in order to keep your coffers full.

Complete the daily missions
A really simple way for you to collect a set of great goodies in the game is by completing the daily missions… daily. They are usually simple missions that mostly require you to be a bit active, but the reward for completing them all is great. So make sure you do it daily.

Don’t forget about your workers!
As you collect more workers by progressing through the game and unlock more resource buildings, you might forget about them and keep your resource production at a lower rate than it could be.

Therefore, I recommend you to constantly check out the Congress Hall in your Castle and assign any unassigned workers – and also check out the resource production and storage to adjust accordingly.

For example, the regular starting resources will usually be the first ones to fill up very fast, so it might be a good idea to keep just a few workers assigned there and focus more on the rarer ones.

Join an Alliance ASAP
Being part of an active, solid alliance is extremely important in Dungeon & Heroes because it helps you progress faster and grants you with special bonuses that make everything a lot easier otherwise.

If you are not in an alliance already, you can simply search for them using the Guild building in your Castle or check out the guilds looking for members in the Chat:

Once part of an alliance, if it’s an active one, it will help you progress through the game faster with brand new features and boosts that you can contribute to unlocking too, as well as ways to earn free stamina from fellow guild members. So being in a solid guild is a must!

Explore every area to 100%
You can use Portals to move from region to region and you should try to explore new regions as soon as you have the chance.

Usually, the golden rule of thumb with the portals is to try and use them as soon as you have the chance – and especially if fights are starting to get difficult in your area. A new one is usually more challenging, but you can still find a few fights to win and boost your stats a bit more.

Finally, once you have more regions opened and you’re powerful enough, make sure to travel back to the starting ones and explore them to 100%. After getting to 100%, though, there is no need to re-visit a region since there’s nothing else for you to do there.

Winning Battles and Auto Mode
Winning your battles in Dungeon & Heroes is mostly a matter of how strong your main Heroes are. Therefore, going into fights with the Auto mode enabled is usually the best way to deal with battles since it doesn’t require your constant attention.

However, Auto mode doesn’t strategize and uses your Heroes’ skills as soon as they are available – which might not be the best approach in more difficult battles – especially since the Healer doesn’t know how to wait for the best moment to heal, for example.

Therefore, if a battle is difficult and you want to increase your chances of winning it, you should definitely control skill casting yourself and activate them at the right moment. But when facing lower level armies where victories are in the bag, you can actually trust Auto Mode.

Save for the Events!
One extremely important tip that you should follow is that you should save everything for the events. There are usually 4 events in the game, coming one after another, and each with a different focus. Since each event lasts for about a week, in order to get the most out of them, you should save your resources for when the event kicks in. Here’s the order:

Keys event: simply save enough gold keys to complete the event. You need a lot of them and you should only use them if you have enough to complete the event as the reward at the end is Legendary (literally!)

Arena event: this is the easiest and most fun event of them all, since it involves a lot of fighting in the Arena. In order to increase your chances of winning, you can cheat a little bit: lower your defense by selecting your weakest heroes and intentionally lose a bunch of battles, then use your best heroes to take revenge and get the easy wins. Rinse and repeat for awesome rewards!

And so on – each event follows after another in the same order and you can easily plan for them. Some are more difficult to complete especially early on (like the forging event or the Stamina one)… but do your best and always be prepared for the events, as the rewards offered here are amazing.

Focus on the Infinity Tower
The best way to get heaps of goodies in this game is by playing the Infinity Tower as often as possible and going as high as your current level and heroes set-up allows you to.

You can access the Infinity Tower in your Castle and can go up to Stage 800 at the moment (although more will probably be added). You will get stuck eventually at a point – a moment where you will have to massively upgrade your starting heroes in order to keep winning, but get to that wall first and then past it as soon as possible. The rewards there are amazing and totally worth your time.

This would be everything that we have to share, right now, for fellow fans of the game. If you have some additional Dungeon & Heroes tips and tricks that others might find helpful, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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Dungeon & Heroes Tips: Cheats & Guide to Be the Best


  1. Game overall is pretty good but the way the Congress Hall is set up after rare materials are acquired SUCKS ! Materials going into the negative as you add workers to the more rare materials is irritating and kinda nonsense, I want to play the game not spend a bunch of time trying to set up workers.


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