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Dungeon Dogs Guide: Tips & Cheats To Rebuild the Dog Kingdom

Dungeon Dogs Guide: Tips & Cheats To Rebuild the Dog Kingdom

Lupinia is ruled by the tyrannical cat king, but little does he know a rebellion is stirring in Dungeon Dogs, an idle RPG game with cute furry puppies! The main rebellion force is led by Lyra, Ken, and Poppy, so you will help them out as they lead the rebellion towards the liberation of the canine population in idle battles with RPG elements.

In Touch Tap Play’s Dungeon Dogs tips and tricks guide, we will go over the combat system and how to maximize your puppies to grow strong and healthy. Let’s get started with our Dungeon Dogs cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to rebuild the dog kingdom!

Battling Manually

The core game play loop of Dungeon Dogs is to check the current listings on the questboard, then send out the appropriate dogs to complete the quest. After the allotted time passes, the quest is complete and you can collect the rewards.

You can do this as much as you like, but keep in mind that also have energy to expend. When you go into a battle, you can help speed things up by tapping on the monster manually. This will make your dogs attack faster, and they will also charge up their special skill as well.

Every time you tap, you use one energy. This energy pool recovers over time on itself, but if you are in a hurry you can also drink a potion to instantly recover it all.

You should try to battle manually whenever you have energy in reserve. It recovers fairly fast, so check in every now and then to see if you have any more energy to expend.

When you are battling manually, you can unleash a dog’s special skill to deal massive amounts of damage and shave off a ton of battle time. You can only do this if the dog’s skill is charged, which charges up every time you attack.

Be careful – if the dog takes damage, they lose a bit of charge, so it is best to unleash your special skills as soon as they are charged and ready to roll.

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Recruiting New Dogs

Whenever you clear a story mode and/or level up, you will often times obtain a box ticket, which allows you to open a new dog box for free. Dog heroes come in common and rare varieties, and there are two different types of tickets for each.

It is best to use your tickets to get as many dogs as you can early on. You can also simply purchase a box using gold, but you can usually get by with just the tickets alone.

When you have more dogs, you have more options to tackle quests, as each dog has their own skills that are needed for the quests. More dogs means more quests done!

Upgrading the Dog Base

You may have noticed a little tree next to the Barracks – this is where you can collect branches. This little sapling will produce branches for you to collect every couple of minutes, so make sure to come and collect as soon as you can to make it start producing again.

As you progress through the main story and level up, you will unlock more material nodes in your base, like a bonepile, a string tree, and more. You need materials to craft helpful items and upgrade the base, so make sure to collect often.

If you go into the shop and look at the upgrades, you can see what will help your base. All of the various material nodes can be upgraded to produce more materials at a faster rate, and you can even upgrade the Barracks so that you can send out more dogs at once.

The Barracks upgrade is something we recommend getting as early as you can, as you will be able to get more quests done with it. You will need a lot of branches to upgrade, so grabbing the Wood Station upgrade first will help out.

Alchemy can Help

Got some left over materials? Why not stop by the alchemy station and brew up some helpful tools? You can make a variety of items at the alchemy bench that can help make your battles easier.

Items are split into three categories: quest, battle, and eggs. Quest items are utility items that can help speed up quest progress and other things.

Battle items can help you deal more damage to your opponents. Battle items are best suited for those who like to manually complete their quests, as they will have no effect otherwise.

Eggs can help you unlock new dogs, but they are very expensive and hard to make. It will be a while before you can make your first egg, but you can get a really rare dog from it!

Exchange Materials at the Market

If you are looking to upgrade something but you are just barely short of materials, you do not have to wait – a quick trip to the market can get you what you need.

At the market, you can exchange materials or gold or a material of your choice. Each material has its own exchange rate, so make sure to mess around with it to ensure that you are making the best trade.

If you got a bunch of gold you are not using, we recommend trading that first. You will eventually need all of your materials for different kinds of upgrades, and gold is really only used for new hero boxes and evolving dogs.

Upgrade the Questboard

When you are looking at the questboard, if you scroll all the way to the right you will see the option to “add quest slot”. Tap on this to go to the questboard upgrade screen.

Here you can upgrade the questboard if you have enough materials – you will need lots of wood and string to do so, but it is worth it.

Upgrading the questboard willl unlock an additional slot on the board for more quests, but on otp of that your maximum energy is increased, which means you can manually complete quests faster.

If you like to complete quests manually, upgrade the questboard as soon as you can and you will be able to have a much easier time!

Play Mini Games for Supplies

Do not forget about the mini games! Completing a mini game will reward you with a potion which you can drink to immediately restore all of your energy. You can get several of them every day.

If you do exceptionally well in the mini game, you will also be rewarded with a gem. You can get five gems every day, so try to aim for those, but do not sweat it if you cannot get them. The point requirements for them are pretty strict.

If you are maxed out on potions, do not worry about doing the mini games if you already got all of the gems. If you are low on potions though, make sure to grab as many potions from the mini game before you do anything else.

By time you complete a lot of quests and use up all of your potions, the potions will be available again.

That’s all for Dungeon Dogs! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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