Welcome to the big city! Drive and Park is a simple one-touch game about… well, you guessed it, driving and parking! Your car drives down automatically through the city, and you simply tap and hold to swerve into a parking spot. Let go at the right time, and the cleaner your park is, the more money you will earn! Our Drive and Park cheats and tips will show you how to park like a pro!

Drive and Park is all about timing and rote memorization, so get ready to practice driving all over again in our Drive and Park cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Park later than earlier!

If you are having trouble with the timing, just remember that it is almost always better to let go of the parking brake later than earlier. If your car is sticking out of the parking lane too far, you will be found by the cops! However, if you let go of the brake later, you might end up slamming into the side walk but still end up passing as a decent parking job… somehow.

Either way, it is better to be careful and take the lower cash payout than end your run entirely.

Watch out for special parking spots!

Once you get to London, you will start to see different kinds of parking spots. Some spots have double yellow lines – that means you cannot park there! Some of them will also even have handicapped spots, so you cannot park there either.

Basically, if a parking spot looks different in any way, do NOT park there and drive to the next one. Parking in one of these special spots is an instant game over!

Control each car!

As you start to unlock new cars, you will quickly notice that each car handles differently. The first thing you will notice right away is that some cars goes faster than others, so take this into account when you are looking for a parking spot. In addition to that, some of them turn faster into the parking spot than others, while some cars stop later than sooner.

This part of the game is a little trial-and-error, so do not worry if you end up crashing or getting caught by the cops a couple times. Eventually you will start to memorize each car’s patterns, so just keep going!

Use the most expensive cars!

Each car comes with a price. The rarer a car is, the more money it will generate when you park successfully. You can have up to four cars in play at once, so try to use your best cars at all times. Keep playing and eventually you will start unlocking high rarity cars pretty quickly on.

That’s all for Drive and Park! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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