Best Rally is the newest self-proclaimed best rally game on the mobile market! Apparently, you will be hard pressed to find a more “bestest” rally game, so drop your searching – it is time to hit the tracks!

Best Rally is, as the name implies, a rally racing game where you will tackle over 30 fun and varied tracks. These are not your ordinary every day race tracks – these tracks are packing things like sand pits, holes, loop-de-loops, ramps, and more! The fun is constant in Best Rally because no two tracks will ever be the same.

You will control your rally car with simple two finger controls. You will not ever feel like you are not in control, because the controls are tight and responsive! Best Rally is designed for novices in mind, so anyone can get the hang of the controls right away.

Once you have had some time with the basic rally car, you can try your hand at three other cars. They each have their own stats, so make sure you try them all and see which ones you like.

And of course, this would not be a racing game if there was no competition involved! If you manage to pull off a really awesome time, you can send it to your friends who are also playing Best Rally to show off. You can then compete which each other to see who is the fastest rally racer!

Best Rally brings its bestest self on the iOS App Store today!


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