Draw a Stickman: Epic 3 is the ideal game to help families through what we all hope will be the final stretch of coronavirus lockdown. Not only does it aim to inspire kids creatively, it’s an all-ages experience that parents can enjoy with them.

Retaining the core elements from Hitcents’ previous Stickman games, Epic 3 is another puzzle-adventure offering that encourages players to come up with inventive solutions to conundrums. You’ll be armed with a magic pencil that brings the game world to life and gives you the chance to get arty while outsmarting monsters and helping out friendly characters.

Epic 3 whisks players away to a colourful world where there are countless secrets to uncover and plenty of opportunities to get creative with that virtual pencil.

The latest instalment brings a raft of new features to the table, including expanded hero customisation options, an unlimited sketchbook to fill up with your designs, a horde of new monsters and array of new pencils to play around with.

The adventure is set against an all-new hub world populated by characters from across the Stickman universe, so there’s plenty for fans old and new to see and do.

Draw a Stickman: Epic 3 is available to download from Google Play and the App Store. The mobile version has been released alongside a PC edition, which is available on Steam.



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