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Dragons & Diamonds Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Dragons & Diamonds Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

A hoard of treasure awaits, and the only thing that stands between you and riches are fearsome dragons! Dragons & Diamonds is a match-3 puzzle RPG featuring fantasy heroes known as “Hunters” who are on a quest to find the world’s greatest treasures. Our Dragons & Diamonds cheats and tips will show you how to make the most out of your team and beat the levels like a pro!

Dragons & Diamonds is a fun little take on the match-3 puzzle RPG genre, and it is also not too complicated. Our Dragons & Diamonds cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will go over the important mechanics!

Complete all level quests!

Each level has three quests for you to complete, with stars to earn after completing them. The first quest is to always beat the level, while the other two will ask you to do specific things like match a certain type of diamond or break all the objects on the board.

Stars are important because they go towards the area’s Star Chest, which contains a hefty amount of guardian cards. This is one of the best ways to upgrade your hunters, so do as many quests as you can!

Create the special diamonds!

You should be aiming to create long combos as much as you can, as doing so fills up your special diamond meter faster. When you match diamonds of a certain color, that corresponding hunter will gain special meter.

Once full, a special diamond will be placed somewhere on the board. Activating these special diamonds is a great boon to your quest, so you should try do it as often as possible!

The starting green hunter Guardian is a good example of helpful special diamonds. His special diamond is Stun, which forces the enemies to skip one turn. This is incredibly useful for mitigating some of the big damage you will soon face enough!

Use the right hunter for the job!

Each of the hunter classes specialize in different attributes. Blue hunters excel at dealing large amounts of damage, but cannot really take a beating. Yellow hunters on the other hand are very sturdy and can take a number of hits before going down, but they do not deal that much damage.

Your team will eventually consist of five hunters, which means you can have hunter of every color. To decide on the best hunter, you will need to look carefully at what their special diamonds do.

For example, the Ranger’s special diamond coverts nearby diamonds into the one you are matching, thus extending your combo. This would be helpful in levels with tight spots to maneuver around.

Complete the Hunter’s Log!

Each area has its own set of objectives in the Hunter’s Log, the main quest tracker. The objectives in the Hunter’s Log are things that you will probably accomplish naturally, but just remember to come and collect your reward. Another caveat of collecting each star from a level is that the first quest in the log is to always get all stars, and this rewards you with precious gems.

Save your gems for the Legendary Chest!

You can spend your hard earned gems on chests, and we recommend saving up for the Legendary Chest which costs 380 gems. This chest contains a whopping 96 hunter cards, which will let you upgrade your hunters like crazy. You can get Rare Chests by simply beating certain levels, so we do not recommend you spend your gems on that.

Make sure you have the hunter you want to upgrade!

One thing to remember is that whenever you open a chest, you will only receive cards for hunters that you have already recruited. This makes it so that it is essentially harder to upgrade the hunter you actually want when you have acquired both of them, so if you want to upgrade a specific hunter be sure to get as many cards as you can early on.

That’s all for Dragons & Diamonds! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Dragons & Diamonds Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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