Dragon Quest Tact

There are so many Dragon Quest mobile games on iOS and Android in Japan that is has become difficult to keep track of them all.

Most of these don’t make it to the West, but it seems like the moderate success of Dragon Quest XI will make Square Enix release more of them in the future.

Dragon Quest Tact, released this Summer in Japan on iOS and Android, will be among those games that will hit North American and European devices in the future. A release date hasn’t been confirmed, but pre-registrations have been opened on the Google Play Store, so the game’s launch shouldn’t be too far off in the future.

Dragon Quest Tact is a tactical RPG based on the popular series developed by Square Enix and it will retain many of the features fans love, as series creator Yuji Horii and composer Koichi Sugiyama have been involved in the game’s development.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball series, also provided character and enemy design, so Dragon Quest Tact looks as good as the main Dragon Quest games do.

Dragon Quest Tact launches on iOS and Android on a yet to be determined release date. You can pre-register for the game right now on the Google Play Store.


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