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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Classes | Which Class to Choose & Everything You Need to Know

Learn about all four playable classes to help you make your choice in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution.

The once-dormant action RPG Dragon Nest has finally gotten a sequel for mobile devices! Enter Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, the next installment in this cult classic online multiplayer adventure. The four original classes return in the sequel, and we have you covered if you don’t know where to start. Here is everything you need to know about which class to choose in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution.

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Which class to choose in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution

The original Dragon Nest was an online action RPG that focused on heavy dungeon crawling with up to four adventurers. The game was known for its intricate combat system that was akin to a fighting game—combos and juggling were common practices, which made the boss fights particularly exhilarating.

Fans of the original Dragon Nest will be pleased to know that the original four classes are returning as playable characters in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, each with their own unique fighting style. Can’t decide on a class? Our guide will run you through the ins and outs of each class to see which one jives the most with you.


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The Warriors are a group of humans that wield no magical abilities and rely solely on their trusty swords to solve their problems. Warriors are usually the ones who charge first into battle, as they like to get down and dirty with enemies with hard-hitting weapon skills. If you prefer disruptive, no-nonsense close-quarters combat, Warrior is the class for you.

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Archers are Elves that are known for elegant and precise fighting styles. As such, they wield bows to snipe foes with deadly accuracy. If enemies get too close expecting an easy win, they will be surprised by the Archer’s close-quarters techniques, as they can swiftly evade and counterattack with powerful martial arts. If you like to rain death upon enemies at range while using quick melee attacks to keep them at bay, Archer is the class for you.


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Clerics are gifted noble humans that join the Shrine Knights at a young age. They have natural attunement with divine energy, allowing them to energize their allies with spiritual blessings and smite foes with vindictive magic. Clerics are also trained in defensive melee combat, utilizing shields to protect themselves and allies. If you want a more defensive and support-focused melee class, Cleric is the class for you.


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A mysterious race known as the Peoristas are natural-born magic wielders, able to bend the elements to their will. They have practiced their control over magic, becoming full-fledged Sorceresses in the process. Sorceresses are able to cover the battlefield in destructive magic, dealing lots of damage to foes in an area. If you like blowing enemies up, Sorceress is the class for you.

Dragon Nest 2 Evolution launches today on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Are you ready to pick your class? Let us know which one you are going with in the comments below!

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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Classes | Which Class to Choose & Everything You Need to Know