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Dragon Heroes Tactics Guide: Tips to Become Stronger Fast

Dragon Heroes Tactics Guide: Tips to Become Stronger Fast

In today’s article we will give you our Dragon Heroes Tactics tips and cheats to help you put together a strong hero lineup and to tell you all that you need to know in order to upgrade the heroes.

The game has some pretty simple graphics, but quite well made – and when you combine that to how good each character is individually created, you will really have a feeling that the game is going to be a blast playing! But sooner or later you will realize that you need to get strong in order to progress further, and that’s why you came here probably!

So let’s not waste another second and tell you all of our Dragon Heroes Tactics tips and tricks that we know and help you with all that you might want to learn in the game in order to get stronger!

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Progress through the game’s modes

A very important thing you should do is progress through the campaign (scenario) mode. This is where you will obtain several heroes, as well as Gold, Rubies, Hero XP, and many other super useful items to help you get stronger. There are 2 other game modes other than the campaign mode, so let me tell you what you get for each one of them:

– Complete Scenario Mode:

Since this is the story mode, you will need to increase your heroes’ strength progressively, as the stages get tougher and tougher the more you advance. Once you passed level 1-10 in Scenario Mode you will unlock the other 2 game modes, Battleground Mode and Challenge Mode.

I suggest that you try to complete as many stages as you can in this mode because you will get rewards such as Gold, Rubies, Hero XP, Victory Crates, Stars and Runes. Since they all will come in handy when you want to move on to the next modes, you should always try to improve the best heroes you get.

– Battleground Mode:

This is the PvP mode of the game. Here you can use your heroes and fight other players to climb the rank ladder. The rewards you obtain from this are Victory Crates, Gold and Stars. The more you win in this mode, the more Ladder Points you obtain (until you reach the top), and the more you lose the more points you will lose.

I suggest that you don’t go fight in this mode just yet, until you have made a SUPER strong team, as from what I have seen it’s not really well balanced in terms of matchmaking, so until you are sure that you have a couple of maxed out heroes, it’s better not to try your luck as you might get matched with some top players.

dragon heroes tactics 2

– Challenge Mode:

In Challenge Mode you will literally have to challenge stages which get tougher and tougher. This is like an event, so there are certain rules depending on how much you can climb and such.

For example, you get a reward for the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th victory. Then, once you have obtained the 12th win, you will receive a Dragon Emblem and finish the challenge. If you happen to lose 3 times before the 12th win, you will finish the event prematurely and not get rewards.

In order to complete this event successfully and get the 12th win I suggest that you try it only after you get a strong team. So for now, just try to focus on the Story mode and obtain all the boosts and heroes you can get.

Complete your quests

The quests can be checked in the game’s main interface above the three main buttons for the game mode. There you can tap on the scroll and see all of your missions. Try completing all of them because they will give you quest points.

When you have enough quest points you will be able to open the quest crate which contains various goods and heroes. Focus on the objectives as soon as you start playing because if you want to unlock good rewards, this is going to be a sure way.

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Open more Crates and get goods

In the game there are three main types of crates, each containing a certain type of loot. In order to open the crates you need to have keys, and depending on the type of crate, the number of keys required for opening it is different.

The main types of crates are the following: Victory Crates, Star Crates and Free Crates. Let me tell you how to obtain each of them and what they give:

– Victory Crates:

There are Silver Victory Crates which require 1 key to open, Gold Victory Crates which require 2 keys, Magic Victory Crates which require 4 keys to open and last but not least, Legendary Victory Crates which need 8 keys to open!

The higher the rank of a crate, the better the rewards. From them you will obtain Rubies, Gold, Runes, Heroes and Hero Shards. You obtain these crates by winning battles in the Scenario Mode and Battleground Mode.

As you obtain more crates, they will be stored in the empty slots on your game’s main interface. I suggest that you open them always because if all 4 slots are full, you can’t obtain any more crates.

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How to obtain keys?

You will get 1 key every 2 hours, so when you are full of crates and don’t have keys, simply wait for 2 hours and open the Silver Victory Crate to empty up a slot and then you can carry on with your battles because you can obtain a new crate!

– Star Crates:

The Star Crates are free crates which you get a 00:00 and 12:00 (GMT +9) every single day. They will contain some very useful goods, so make sure that you collect all 20 stars necessary to open them because you can get some super powerful heroes from them.

How to obtain stars?

Since you need stars to open them, you can do Scenario battles, Battleground and Challenge events to acquire them. If you finish a stage with 3 stars, then 3 stars will be added that you can use to open a chest. So the more you battle, the more stars you’ll obtain.

– Free Crates:

These crates can be obtained for free every 4 hours and they don’t need keys in order to open. You can see how long you have until you can claim the next one in the upper right corner of the screen. The loot from them is nothing crazy, but they still are useful overall as they give you free stuff!

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Get more heroes and upgrade them

The game has some pretty unique heroes, and unlike in other games, the lower grade heroes aren’t necessarily weaker than the higher grade ones. All the heroes have different skills, so what you need to focus on is finding the ones whose skill you like and upgrading them.

The reason why lower grade heroes can be even stronger than higher grade ones, is because for the lower grade heroes you can make upgrades more often, as you will get them more often than the higher grade ones, which makes for quicker and easier upgrades.

Now there are two main things that you need to know about heroes:

– Heroes have 4 different grades: Silver (grey), Gold (yellow), Magic (blue) and Legendary (red).

– Heroes have 4 different main attributes, depending on their color: Balanced (yellow), DPS (red), Tank (blue) and Support (green)

Any good team should have at least 1 of each DPS, Tank and Support, and as for Balanced, it’s entirely up to you. Just make sure that out of the 5 heroes that you have on your team, you have a tank, a support and a DPS because they are the core of any party. The other 2 members can be anything, from DPS to Balanced, depending on your team’s needs.

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Level up your heroes

Heroes can be upgraded (leveled up) when you collect their cards. As previously mentioned, the more common a hero is, the easier it will be to obtain their cards. Make sure that you upgrade the heroes you mainly use firs as they will make quite a big difference.

Upgrading a hero will require that hero’s cards as well as Gold, so try to do that because they will learn a new sub-skill when they reach levels 6, 11 and 15. So the quicker you upgrade your heroes, the better will be for the entire team.

Because sub-skills act as passives, they will not be seen in the active skills window, so they will passively boost the heroes’ stats.

An extra tip: When you upgrade your heroes, you will also increase your account / profile level, so it’s even better to make a lot of upgrades! Along with EXP for your profile, the heroes’ stats will get boosted by quite a bit, so if you can make a Silver hero level 15, it could easily beat a level 1 Legendary!

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These would be all of our Dragon Heroes Tactics tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you want to share with us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below to be shared with everybody!

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Dragon Heroes Tactics Guide: Tips to Become Stronger Fast


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