Dragon Brawlers Codes

Dragon Brawlers is a 3 Vs 3 action MOBA game – where players train their very own dragons and engage in different battle modes. Alike other games from the same genre, Dragon Brawlers is a strategy game where players team up with their friends, use different tactics to defeat the enemy team.

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As mentioned earlier, Dragon Brawler offers different game modes, one of them is a solo/pair up mode where players show off their survival skills, seize resources in an ever-shrinking map and survive to become the last one standing.

Now with the above description, we hope you get which mode we are talking about – well for new players, we were talking about Dragon Brawlers own nuanced version of battle royale game mode that is fun to play solo or with friends.

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Similar to some other mobile games, Dragon Brawlers offers a code redeeming feature where players enter gift codes to receive various in-game items. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the available gift codes for Dragon Brawlers and a handy guide that explains the code redeeming process.

Dragon Brawler Codes 2020

When it comes to finding free gift codes for Dragon Brawlers – it scarce and hard to find. Players can get new gift codes from the game’s social pages and channels like Discord, Facebook page, etc. As of now, we have only one working code for Dragon Brawlers that we last checked a few months ago-

  • gift2020 – claim to get in-game rewards.

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We are continuously looking out for new gift codes for Dragon Brawlers. We will update the list as soon as we find new gift codes. Though we request the Dragon Brawlers community to ping down any working gift codes that you know off – so that we can update the list and help others.

How to redeem gift codes in Dragon Brawlers

Dragon Brawlers offers a pretty simple code redeeming feature – go to the official website’s event page. There you can find two fields one where players have to enter their IGG Id, for those who don’t know IGG Id is the same id that you made when you first logged into Dragon Brawlers.

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In the second field, enter the aforementioned redeem code and click on the redeem button to claim the free rewards.

Dragon Brawlers is an action strategy MOBA game, currently available on Android and iOS platforms.


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