Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: Training Room Guide

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Goku and his friends do get stronger by fighting enemies to collect experience points, locate Soul Emblems and place them on the Community Boards properly and finding Z Orbs, but nothing can beat an intense training session in the Training Room.

Using the Training Room will allow your characters to reach their full potential by unlocking special Mastery Skills. Here’s how to unlock this special room and where to find it.

How to Unlock the Training Room in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The Training Room is a special facility in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot that allows you to unlock special passive skills called Master Skills. Before you can use this facility, however, you will have to make some progress in the story, as you will need to play until you reach the end of Episode 2 in the Cell Saga. Once the facility is opened, all you need to do to start training is head over to the Capsule Corp building and get to the room where you can get Special Training.

How to Upgrade the Training Room

The Training Room includes multiple combat challenges where you will have to take on multiple powerful enemies. Additional challenges can be unlocked by upgrading the Training Room, which is done by investing Zeni as well as D Medals and a variety of materials. As accepting these Training Room challenges doesn’t cost any money, the only investment you will have to make is for upgrading.

You can find all the materials needed to upgrade the Training Room to the maximum level possible below.

2Zeni x4500
D Medal x 5
Sturdy Bolt S x 1
Refined Iron x 1
3Zeni x15500
D Medal x 10
Gear Bearing S x 1
Steel Nut S x 1
Refined iron x 1
4Zeni x25000
D Medal x 10
Sturdy Bolt L x 1
Sturdy Bolt S x 1
Refined Silver x 1
5Zeni x35000
D Medal x 15
Gear Bearing L x 1
Gear Bearing Z x 1
Refined Silver x 1
6Zeni x55000
D Medal x 15
Steel Nut L x 1
Steel Nut Z x 1
Refined Silver x1
7Zeni x65000
D Medal x 20
White Meteorite x 1
Refined Gold x 1
8Zeni x80000
D Medal x20
Black Meteorite x1
Refined Gold x1
9Zeni x95000
D Medal x25
White Meteorite x1
Black Meteorite x1
Refined Gold x1
10Zeni x125000
D Medal x30
White Meteorite x2
Black Meteorite x2
Refined Gold x1

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: Training Room Guide


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