Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is filled with powerful enemies to defeat, but very few in the base game are as powerful as the secret boss Mira, a character coming from the extended Dragon Ball Z universe that has appeared in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series.

Before being able to defeat Mira, however, you will have to take down evil versions of Gotenks and Vegito. Here’s how to defeat them.

How to Defeat Gotenks and Vegito

Before you even attempt to fight Gotenks and Vegito, you need to level up the characters you are bringing into the fight as high as possible. Both of your opponents are at Level 100, so lower-level characters will not be able to survive long. Strengthen your Mastery Skills as well to stand an even better chance of defeating them.

As dealing with both Gotenks and Vegito at the same time can be difficult, you need to take out one of them as quickly as possible. Gotenks is the one you should be going after first, as he has the lowest HP, and his special moves are not too difficult to avoid. Make sure to always stay on the move to avoid both the Galactic Donuts and the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. The ghosts unleashed in the latter will track you for a short while, so don’t stop until they are gone.

Once Gotenks is down, you can focus on Vegito. He is capable of unleashing a Spirit Sword attack at close range, and Split Finger Shots, and the iconic Kamehameha and Big Bang Attack from afar. The long-range attacks can be avoided by simply dodging to either the left or the right, while the Spirit Sword attack requires you to be extremely accurate with your dodges. Once you get the timing down, however, it’s all a matter of patience: the stronger you are, the more damage you will be able to unleash and thus the short the fight will be. Make sure to use Super Attack Assist Moves as often as you can to deal damage safely, and the two fused warriors will be defeated before you know it.

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