Pretty much ever popular game is trying its hand at battle royale, with varying results. Which isn’t particularly surprising, considering players seem to enjoy these type of games a lot and want to experience more and more of them.

If players want more battle royale experience, developers are happy to oblige. The latest game to jump in on the trend is Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost, which received its battle royale mode today.

The new mode, called Alberian Battle Royale, lets up to 16 players fight against one another using 9 different weapon types. The mode is completely separate from the main game, so individual stats and obtained weapons do not matter.

The Alberian Battle Royale mode will be live until Octobr 31st. It has been confirmed that it will come back later, but details have yet to be confirmed.

The Dragalia Lost 2.0 update also brings new content, graphics upgrades, balance tweaks and more. You can learn everything there is to know about the new update in the video below.

Dragalia Lost is now available on iOS and Android globally.


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