Dragalia Lost has been available on iOS and Android for a short amount of time, but it’s clear how the developer is dead serious in keeping players engaged, as a lot of content has been added since release.

If you’re enjoying Dragalia Lost, you will be happy to know that a brand new event is now live worldwide. The Elemental Ruins event allows players to take part in Elemental Ruins quests for half the usual stamina cost. This event will be available until later this week, November 18th.

The good news doesn’t end here today. A new event, called A Wish to the Winds, will be going live on November 15th. The event will see players going up against bosses of the water element and reward them with the ability to build facilities related to the event.

More has also been added to Dragalia Lost today, such as a new chapter of the manga, which expands the story further, and a new epilogue for the kindness and Captivity raid quests. With so much new content, it’s hard to become bored playing the game.

Dragalia Lost is now available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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