TwoDots is available for download! If you are tempted to say “So what?” let me tell you just one thing that will most likely make you change your mind: TwoDots is the sequel to the extremely popular Dots: A Game about Connecting puzzle title that took the world by storm last year when it was launched on the App Store.

Things have changed a bit in this sequel, with more options and a lot more challenges, some of them ready to drive you crazy. In this case, TwoDots is a game about connecting in a mission based system with power-ups available, with quotas to be met and with really difficult requirements. But with the same addictive – simple yet complex – gameplay that made the original such an instant hit. In other words, everything you would’ve expected from this game.

There are IAPs present in the game and some levels make you believe that it’s impossible to play without using them, but so far, in my case (level 20 and counting), despite getting really frustrated on some occasions, like the TwoDots level 14 or level 17, I still managed to get past them and complete them without any use of the expensive IAPs.

But anyway, the game is a must play for every puzzle fan out there, so do yourself a favor and head over to the App Store to download TwoDots, the extremely exciting sequel of Dots: A Game about Connecting! And check back soon here at Touch Tap Play for a complete strategy guide for the new game!

UPDATE: We’ve published the Ultimate TwoDots strategy guide, make sure you check it out if you need help with this amazing game!



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