Downhill Masters is not for the faint of heart. This urban sports game challenges you to help three daredevil mountain bikers live long enough to have a successful racing career.

You’ll pick your favorite rider from Chef Devito, Fashion Designer Marie, and Accountant Steve. Each has a different specialty too: Devito’s all about power, Marie likes her tricks, and Steve enjoys going really, really fast.

Once you’ve chosen, you’ll help them grow from amateur to professional by racing through a variety of different challenges. You’ll take on different courses as you strive to beat a variety of champions on your mission to make a name for yourself.

Different modes include Challenge Mode, which pits you against up to three others in 50 different stages, and World Grand Prix. These are 1-on-1 matches against 28 different champions.

Riding is pretty tricky. You’ll have to pedal to go fast, drift to turn corners without barrelling off the track, and boost to get ahead of your opponents. You can also barge them off the track if they’re proving particularly tricksy.

That’s where the three different riders come into play too, as each suits a different play style. Steve is best at bursting ahead of the competition while Devito can just knock everyone off their bikes. Marie is an interesting character in that she prefers to focus on performing tricks so she can win with flair.

Of course, it’s not just riding – you’ll also manage your rider’s life according to their jobs and tastes. You’ll help Devito out in the kitchen, for example, and help develop training regimes for each of them depending on how they like to work out. Devito prefers pumping iron, for example, while Marie gets more out of yoga.

You can also take part in minigames to improve your riding skill, enjoy some recreational activities at home, and customize your rider with a bunch of different outfits and gear. There’s an absolute ton of activities available to you in Downhill Masters.

And you can experience all of it right now, as Downhill Masters has just launched on Android.



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