Dota Underlords: Best Heroes / Units in the Game & Tier List (2020)

Valve’s Dota Underlords conveniently places all the heroes available in the game in various tiers, making it easy for you to know which are better than others.

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But what are the best heroes in each Tier and the overall best heroes in the game? This is what we’re talking about today!

Although it’s pretty obvious that, considering the base stats, a higher tier unit will always be better than a lower tier one, things are not as easy in the long run.

I say this because other elements come into play: not only that you can level up your heroes, but some in the same tier are better than others.

With all these in mind, I will attempt to create a list of the best heroes in the game. There will be actually multiple ways of dealing with this, in an epic guide to all units in Dota Underlords.

First, I will try to rank the units from best to worst in each Tier, then create a generic list with the top 10 heroes in the game, in my opinion.

As with any type of list – and especially in a game with so many variables and possibilities, things could vary from team formation to team formation or even based on your style of play or luck when receiving the cards to choose from, but this list will definitely be more useful than having nowhere to start.

Best Heroes in Dota Underlords Based on their Tier

I am doing my best to rank the heroes in each tier from best to worst. I am trying to take into consideration the round they’re usually available for purchase and the impact they would have from that moment on.

Best Tier 1 Units in the game

Tiny: If you manage to get him early on in the game, that’s perfect. Get him to 2 stars ASAP and even try for 3 stars, as this is definitely a hero for the long run.

Bounty Hunter: The best unit in the Tier 1 based on Damage dealt per second. Decent health and good skill make him a good T1 unit.

Axe: An extremely solid, extremely useful tank, especially early on in the game. You need to keep upgrading him in order to remain useful in mid to late game, but he’s really good for soaking up tons of damage.

Bloodseeker: A really strong unit that could do a ton of damage, but difficult to play as he tends to die quickly in most situations. But if he stays alive for long enough, he could be a game changer thanks to his constantly increasing attack speed.

Drow Ranger: Although her passive skill is extremely good, increasing the attack speed of nearby allies, she’s difficult to play or put to good use in the game, mainly because of her extrmeely low health.

Anti-Mage: Generally overlooked and ignored, he’s actually a great unit. Although feeble and easy to lose, his passive skill is absolutely amazing, as it destroys an opponent’s mana.

Ogre Magi: If I don’t have Tiny or Axe to choose in the first couple of rounds, I always go for Ogre Magi. Good support/tank unit that can become really useful.

Tusk: Good health and a decent skill make Tusk a decent choice for a starting hero or even long term hero if there are no better options available.

Shadow Shaman: His skill is absolutely insane, but unfortunately he’s pretty much useless otherwise (or on his own) because of the low damage he deals. Could be useful with the right combination of teammates, though.

Batrider: His active skill is pretty good overall, slowing down enemies and improving his damage, but he’s pretty feeble and generally difficult to actually live long enough to take advantage of the said boosts.

Tinker: A decent long-ranged unit, but with nothing spectacular about him. I’d generally avoid him if there are better options.

Clockwerk: A tank with a slow-charging skill, dealing decent damage. Nothing special here.

Warlock: He’s one of the lowest DPS dealers in the game and a pretty poor support unit. The randomness of his skill (he could heal an ally or deal damage) make him even less useful, while his huge cooldown make it virtually impossible for him to make an impact in the fights.

Enchantress: The worst T1 character in my opinion. Feeble, long cooldown for her skill – a healer that doesn’t really get to do too much healing.

Best Tier 2 Units in the game

Treant Protector: Difficult to rank the first three troops, as they are all really good in my opinion. I put Treant Protector first because of its impressive Active skill, one of the most useful in my opinion.

Nature’s Prophet: I consider all the summoning units in the game generally OP. And the Treant summoned by Nature’s prophet is really useful – and if you manage to keep the hero alive long enough to summon a second one (or even more), it’s even better!

Witch Doctor: He has an amazing active skill, even though I don’t really like the cooldown time. But once it activates, it can really change the course of the battle.

Juggernaut: Another great hero in terms of pure DPS dealing. One that I always get into my team, despite him ranking suprisingly low on my list.

Crystal Mayden: A hero that grants mana to ALL friendly units is definitely not one to ignore. She’s a ranged unit, so placed correctly on the field, she can live long enough to make a difference. But very low DPS and health otherwise, so caution is required!

Pudge: A really interesting tank with a solid skill that draws far away heroes and destroys them. It’s a hit or miss in some occasions, but still a good hero.

Beastmaster: Pretty useful in early game, under the right circumstances thanks to potential alliances. Not spectacular, though and rarely useful in late game stages.

Slardar: One of the best heroes in terms of Damage dealt per second, he’s really good at making enemies disappear faster thanks to his armor reducing, low cooldown skill.

Chaos Knight: Despite its random nature, the fact that this unit deals additional damage to an unit and stuns it is good enough to warrant him a spot in a formation if no better options are available. He’s also fast and deals a lot of damage, so good to have around!

Luna: I’ve seen Luna played well by other players, but I never managed to make it work with her. It might be my fault, but still… I consider her generally meh.

Timberslaw: While he might be good in some early game scenarios, he’s not too spectacular otherwise and not useful in mid to late game. But he does deal a lot of damage and has decent health, so if you need a damage dealer and have no other options, he could be the one.

Morphling: While there are many nice things about this unit, especially its invulnerability, the fact that it only deals damage in a straight line might be useless in most cases. Low health and generally low DPS make it pretty much worthless.

Queen of Pain: Although she has a solid skill and she’s a ranged unit that deals decent damage, I never was able to put her to good use or make her work in any team setup.

Puck: This one is pretty much useless – similar to Morphling, it’s even worse in all areas!

Best Tier 3 Units in the game

Lycan: Since I consider summoners as the most OP units in the game, you shouldn’t be surprised to see Lycan ranking first. An amazing hero, especially if you manage to equip him with the right items.

Arc Warden: If you manage to build him up and equip the right items, he’s extremely good in mid to late game moments thanks to his multiplying ability. Under the right circumstances, you can get a real army of Arc Wardens cruising through your opponents.

Slark: This one is a hit and miss, yet i decided to rank him higher than I initially anticipated. The fact that he can become a real beast in terms of attack speed makes him a really solid hero to have in your team.

Phantom Assassin: If you need somebody to deal a ton of damage, look no further. I don’t really like the randomness of the assassin’s Passive skill… but I’ll still take it!

Razor: A pretty good unit with the potential to form some nice alliances. His AoE damage is really good, and any unit that slows down others is my friend.

Sniper: Although he needs what seems like an eternity in-game to activate his sniping skill, once he does it, he deals a ton of damage. Huge range makes it easier to keep him in an area that’s away from attackers… but it’s also risky if somebody teleports nearby…

Sand King: A really good hero overall, plagued by its really low health and high cooldown time for the active skill. But he also has a massive passive to make up for it and with some good items and active alliances, he can really be a beast.

Venmoancer: Nice, fast summoner which becomes more useful if the right items are equiped. He can really flood the battlefield with units if left unattended… but in reality, he rarely manages to make a difference.

Abaddon: A good hero when you first look at him, but for some reason he doesn’t really manage to make a difference in battle. He’s a good support in theory though and might require a bit more testing.

Windranger: A tuned-down version of the Sniper. Really not worth looking at.

Terrorblade: Not the best demon to have around in your team, especially since he exchanges health with another ally. Too much randomness for my liking.

Omniknight: A support unit that focuses on healing alone – but heals way too little health to make it worthwhile getting him into the team.

Shadow Fiend: Although a pretty solid unit otherwise, I don’t like the fact that Shadow Fiend also damages allies. No, thanks!

Viper: Pretty much useless, despite the fact that it slows down enemies. Not really enough to make an impact in battle.

Lina: A ranged unit with very little to offer. Nothing to see here.

Best Tier 4 Units in the game

Doom: Probably the best hero in the game. He’s an absolute beast and THE demon to have in your team. Amazing skill, tons of health, great damage. It can’t get any better!

Lone Druid: An amazing hero that has to be kept alive to bring in his pet buddy, the best summon in the game. Huge cooldown timer for the skill though, so make sure to keep him alive to activate it at least once!

Kunkka: While not very impressive at first, he not only works well with Doom, but also has a truly impressive skill. Good overall hero.

Medusa: There are many ifs regarding her skill – but under the right circumstances, she is truly deadly. Solid health and general damage for a ranged unit, too!

Templar Assassin: In terms of pure damage, there are few heroes better than her. Thanks to her skill, she’s also very easy to keep alive and can change the course of battles.

Necrophos: Great support unit that deals damage and heals. I have to tell you – ranking the Tier 4 units was the most difficult task as they are all really good.

Troll Warlord: Another amazing hero in terms of pure DPS who, with the right teammates, can really make a difference as well. Not the best with changing targets, but still good.

Alchemist: I think the game feels that I really dislike this unit, as it’s the first T4 that it usually gives me and they offers it over and over again. He is useful in late game thanks to its poison that reduces armor and being a Warlock can grant allies lifesteal – so if you’re playing with another Warlock, he should climb up to the top in terms of value. Otherwise, he’s doing good down here.

Keeper of Light: An interesting hero that you can use to build a team around. You need to protect him, though… and it’s usually difficult to build that team in mid-late game when he starts becoming available. So since there are so many ifs involved, I’m not ranking him higher.

Dragon Knight: Generally a good hero that usually ends up in my team eventually, he comes with a lot of randomness with his skill, so you can’t really give him a specific task. This is why I am ranking him so low – because you never know exactly what to expect.

Disruptor: A hero that silences others for a long time AND deals damage might sound like one that must be ranked higher, but for some reason I never managed to make him work in any team setup.

Mirana: There are much better options out there for ranged units. Could be useful in some situations, if she hits the right target, but once again, too many ifs.

Best Tier 5 Units in the game

Enigma: When it comes to T5 units, they are all extremely good, obviously. But out of them all, I like Enigma and Gyrocopter the most. Enigma has to be protected to be allowed to activate its skill, but once it does, not even tanks can stay alive for long.

Gyrocopter: A unit that deals both massive damage, slows down opponents and can be used in two different and solid alliances. Can’t get much better!

Lich: An extremely solid unit, one that deals a ton of damage and slows down units (including their attack speed). Ranged AND with great health: now this is a truly solid combination!

Tidehunter: Good tank, perfect for stunning a lot of nearby enemies. He doesn’t deal a ton of damage, but it is perfect for soaking up damage and taking out enemies for long enough until they are destroyed by teammates.

Techies: My least favorite Tier 5 unit, he does deal a lot of damage once his barrel explodes… but sometimes it will not really make an impact.

10 Best Heroes in Dota Underlords

Choosing the absolute best 10 heroes in the game is difficult, as many things should be taken into account.

Sure, the Tier 5 units are absolutely awesome and having them all in our team would be ideal… but there are 2-star and 3-star units to consider, as well as alliances, making everything more complicated.

But since a list has to be made, here are the best heroes in the game right now, useful from the beginning to the late rounds – things change depending on what alliances you can unlock, though.

10. Gyrocopter

9. Lich

8. Arc Warden

7. Enigma

6. Bountyhunter

5. Bloodseeker

4. Kunkka

3. Lone Druid

2. Lycan

1. Doom

This is the end to a hopefully epic guide to heroes in Dota Underlords. If you’re just starting up, don’t forget to also check out our guide for beginners as well.

If you have other strategies or consider some other heroes better than the ones listed above, let us all know by sharing a comment below.

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Dota Underlords: Best Heroes / Units in the Game & Tier List (2020)

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