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Doorman Story Guide: Tips & Cheats To Run a 5-Star Hotel

Doorman Story Guide: Tips & Cheats To Run a 5-Star Hotel
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You have finally opened your dream hotel, and it is only going to get bigger from here! Doorman Story is an all-new hotel management game where you will tend to guests, tidy up room, serve them sweet treats and scrumptious dishes, and more! Create the ultimate 5-star hotel from the ground up and welcome guests from all over the world!

In Touch Tap Play’s Doorman Story tips and tricks guide, we will share with you the basics of running a high-quality hotel. It is all about watching your guests and tending to them as fast as possible, so let’s get started with our Doorman Story cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to run a 5-star hotel!

Keep Guests Happy and Fill your Quota

In Doorman Story, your main objective will differ between levels, but for the most part you will be one thing, and that is keeping your guests as happy as possible. Your guests’ happiness depends on how fast you attend to their needs, so stay alert.

On most levels, you will either have to get enough coins or likes from the guests. Guests will leave bigger tips and give you like you attend to them while their patience meter is still green.

What is a patience meter, you ask? It is the circle above your guests’ heads. It starts green, but it depletes over time. If the whole circle empties out, the color changes from green to yellow.

If you take too long again, the circle will empty out and turn red and start to flash. If you let this circle empty out, the customer will become angry and leave you a very small tip. Do not let this happen!

To ensure likes and the biggest tips, try to complete a guest’s requests when their patience is still green. You have to be really fast, so do not feel too bad if you mess up here and there.

(This Doorman Story guide was first published on Touch Tap Play)

Stay Calm and Focus

Doorman Story is a game about task management and priority. Under its friendly guise and welcoming art style, the game actually gets very challenging very quickly, and you need to keep calm to carry on!

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed when you get hit with a rush of guests who want to stay in your hotel. The best thing to do is to quickly glance over at your queue to see what you need to do, but do not look at it too long as that is an easy way to stress yourself out.

Instead, focus on ordering your staff around to pick up cleaning supplies and food. Focus on the order of events, and try to prioritize the guests that are getting impatient. It is all about staying cool in the face of danger!

Queue Up Orders

To help you out a bit, Doorman Story allows you to queue up actions for your Oliver. If you tap on a station or room when he is already performing an action, you will see a little green bubble pop up to show you that your action was just queued.

First you will see a green bubble with the number one in it to show you that he will be going there first after he is done with his current task. You can queue up many different tasks, but you will probably hit around six or seven tasks at most.

The key to this is to not panic and control your tapping. You might tap the same object multiple times in a hurry, which will cause the same object to enter the queue multiple times.

This is really bad because if Oliver goes to an object that is not ready yet – say for example you send him to the soda machine when there is no soda – he will stand there and scratch his head in confusion, wasting precious seconds.

Use Boosters Liberally

We will be straight with you: Doorman Story is a HARD game. After the first few couple of levels, the game will absolutely bombard you with guests coming in all at once.

The game will give you a free set of speed boosters for Oliver early on. This will make it so that he can travel around the hotel at blazing fast speeds, and this is almost required to beat some of the levels.

Do not be afraid to use your boosters, as you will unlock more as you progress through the game. If you run out, you can buy some more with the free gems you get for getting through the game.

Prioritize Upgrades

One of the things that makes Doorman Story an extremely challenging game is the fact that you cannot revisit older levels that you can actually beat to farm up some coins.

To compound this problem, any time you fail a stage you do NOT get to keep the coins you earned throughout the stage. Any coins you earn are gone, and you are basically kicked back to the state you were in before you started the level.

Because of this, coins are very hard to come by, so you need to spend them wisely. Once you have enough coins for an upgrade, it is crucial you get it right away. But which upgrades should you get?

For starters, we highly recommend getting the first Reception desk upgrade as soon as you can. This upgrade will keep guests in the green patience for an extra four seconds, which does not sound like much but trust us – it makes all the difference!

After the Reception desk is upgraded, we then recommend either Cleaning or Rooms upgrades. The Cleaning upgrade will make Oliver clean up rooms faster, while the Rooms upgrade will increase the patience time when guests need room service and also increase the amount of money you earn.

From there, you can upgrade whatever you want next. The Soda Machine is a good upgrade because it dispenses sodas faster. The soda upgrades themselves are not too great because they just increase the amount of coins you get per soda. You should save that one for last.

Keep Playing for Gifts

If you are struggling with the costs of upgrades, hang in there! Every time you clear a level you get closer to freebies. You can see your current progress at the top right corner of the main screen.

Every few levels you will earn a small blue present, which usually contains a booster of some sort in it and a few coins. These should help you press on.

When you complete a full set of levels, you can claim a big red present which has boosters, lots of coins, and something even cooler: infinite lives for half an hour!

When you get the infinite lives power up, it activates right away, so be careful that you do not waste it. If you are only playing the game for a little bit and you see that you are close to getting the red present, you might want to save it for another day so you can take full advantage of the infinite lives.

With infinite lives, you can retry levels as many times as you want if you fail. This power up can be invaluable on really tough levels.

That’s all for Doorman Story! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Doorman Story Guide: Tips & Cheats To Run a 5-Star Hotel



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