Don’t Trip! Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

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You know how to walk right? Of course you do, everyone does! But it is not that simple in Don’t Trip! In this silly walking simulator, you will actually need to tilt your device and rotate it to simulate actual walking! The game is as goofy as it sounds, but very fun nonetheless. Our Don’t Trip! cheats and tips will show you how to walk far with your silly shoes!

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Don’t Trip! is a fun and casual game, but there is a lot of nuaince to it thanks to its motion controls. Let’s get started with our Don’t Trip! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Watch your steps and slide out of the way!

When you are taking a step and you happen to step near an obstacle that might end your game, you will see a part of the obstacle start flashing black and yellow. When you see this flashing, that means you are very close to hitting it.

Keep in mind that you can slide your foot around if you have not let go yet by dragging around. If you are quick enough, you might be able to save yourself from crashing into an obstacle.

Complete missions!

When you start Don’t Trip for the first time, you will be assigned a set of three missions for you to complete. You level up upon completion of these missions, and you are awarded lots of coins for your troubles. Try to do these as much as you can, as the harder the missions become, the more coins you will get.

Some missions will ask you to step on bugs. This one is pretty easy, as you can simply slide your foot onto a bug to squash them. You do not need to step directly on them, but that does work if you have the space to do it.

Another mission is to dirty your shoes. This is done by stepping on the pieces of poop that are scattered around the level. Nasty!

Other missions will ask you to reach a certain distance or walk a specific distance under a time limit. For these you simply need to perfect your walking technique!

Watch out for the traps!

There are tons of obstacles and traps in Don’t Trip! that are designed to catch you off guard, and we are here to help you watch out for them!

One of the most common obstacles you will find are floor cleaner robots that drive around randomly. Each one has a red cone in front of it – if your foot happens to be in the cone, the robot will try to run you over, so be careful!

Even worse are the armed variants. That’s right – some of these floor robots have knives and axes taped on top of them because why not!? The knife variants have longer reach when they try to get you, so you will need to move quick. The axe variants stay in one spot and rotate endlessly, so you need to time your steps in between the axe swings.

Finally, the rarest obstacle you may come across is fire! Sometimes you may come across a section of the house that is engulfed in flames. The slightest contact with fire will be the end of you, so you will need to go around. The trickiest part of dealing with fire is that it is often covering a large area, so you will need to make some really wide turns to get around it.

Try to keep your device oriented!

When it comes down to it, the trickiest part of Don’t Trip! is simply keeping your path steady. You have probably noticed but the father you go and the bigger your steps are, your path forward will eventually start to careen off course and you will have to hold your device at awkward positions, making you more likely to step on an obstacle.

Try your best to keep your steps as “clean” as possible. By this we mean making steps in a consistent order, and not to overstep or understep too much. The more accurate you can be with your steps, the less your orientation will get thrown off.

That’s all for Don’t Trip! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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