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Don’t Starve – Best Food Recipes to Cook

Don’t Starve – Best Food Recipes to Cook
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Don’t Starve can be grueling and indifferent. Maybe, a Werepig has chipped away all of your health, or maybe supplies are dwindling during those scarce winter months. While the game can be unforgiving, cooking the right recipe can mean the difference between life and death.

We have some of the best Don’t Starve recipes to cook in your own crockpot to stay healthy, full, and sane!

Most Effective Recipes to Cook in Don’t Starve

Individual ingredients or components to a dish can award a player with health points but, just like in real life, a proper meal is so much more rewarding. In Don’t Starve, a meal (or Crock Pot Dish) is cooked using specific ingredients in a correct order. These ingredients are gathered from the player’s surroundings, with lower points recipes taking less time to prepare. Keep this in mind when attempting to create a high-point recipe.

If you are a new player and do not yet have a Crock Pot then you can make one with 3 Cut Stone, 6 Charcoal, and 6 Twigs. Once you have your pot, it is time to create some dishes to keep you alive! The recipes below are some of the best meals to create, and good to remember when you find yourself hungry, injured, or losing your mind.

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The Crockpot (via Don’t Starve)

Best Recipes for Restoring Hunger

Meaty Stew – restores 150 Hunger, 12 Health, 5 Sanity. This is a relatively easy recipe to make as the ingredients aren’t hard to get hold of, and it doesn’t require any special tools to make it. The spoil time is low at 10 days, but even when the meal is stale it still restores 100 hunger. It is not the best for small top-ups as you would not want to waste all the points it can give, but it is certainly helpful when your hunger is depleted by quite a lot. Ingredients: 4 Meat or 4 Morsels, or 3 Meat/Morsels and an Egg/Red Cap.

Bacon and Eggs – restores 75 Hunger, 20 Health, and 5 Sanity. This is a good all-rounder and a possible ‘main food’ players could make for their character to keep in times of need. It restores a good chunk of hunger but also a nice bit of health and sanity. Bacon and Eggs has a longer spoil time than Meaty Stew at 20 days, but unlike Meaty Stew it is not good to eat when stale. Ingredients: Morsel/Monster Meat, Monster Meat, 2 Eggs (or 1 Tallbird Egg + Twigs).

Meatballs – restores 62.5 Hunger, 3 Health, 5 Sanity. This one is really easy to make, and you can hardly go wrong when combining ingredients. As long as you have meat of some kind, you can probably make Meatballs. It doesn’t restore much health but it is great for Hunger. Ingredients: Meat, 3 Berries/Eggs/Red Caps/Ice.

Waffles – restores 37.5 Hunger, 60 Health, 5 Sanity. Waffles are a nice sweet snack for your character, especially if they only need a small top-up of hunger points. The bonus is you also get a whole 60 HP too. the only downside to this recipe is the rarity of Butter which is dropped by Butterflies. Ingredients: Butter, Egg, Berries, Twigs.

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Best Recipes for Restoring Health

Beefy Greens – restores 75 Hunger, 40 Health, 5 Sanity. Pretty simple recipe and easy to make. Its bonus is that it restores a good amount of hunger as well as health. Ingredients: Leafy Meat and 3 Vegetables.

Surf N Turf – restores 37.5 Hunger, 60 Health, 33 Sanity. Not much hunger is sated by this food but it gives a lot of health points, plus the bonus of 33 Sanity. It is also pretty cheap to make, so definitely one to keep in mind. Ingredients: 2 Meat and 2 Fish or 1 Meat and 3 Fish, or 2 Meat and 2 Eels.

Wobster Bisque or Wobster Dinner – Bisque restores 25 Hunger, 60 Health, 10 Sanity, Dinner restores 37.5 Hunger, 60 Health, 50 Sanity. We have included both of these meals together because they use very similar ingredients and provide excellent Health, with the Wobster Dinner providing more help with sanity than the Bisque. The only difference other than that is that Bisque uses Ice whereas the dinner is made with Butter, which is more difficult to come by. Ingredients: Wobster, 2 Fillers, Ice/Butter.

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Best Meals for Restoring Sanity

Jelly Salad – restores 37.5 Hunger, 0 Health, 50 Sanity. This is a great food for loss of sanity, especially since all characters will eat it. The only downside is the fact you have to gather honey, which is not that easy to obtain. Ingredients: 2 Leafy Greens, 2 Sweeteners.

Wobster Dinner (see above)

Veggie Burger – restores 37.5 Hunger, 30 Health, 33 Sanity. If you need a top-up in sanity this is a good dish to create. It is also pretty simple as it is just vegetables and leafy meats with a filler item. Ingredients: Leafy Meats, Onion, Vegetables, and a Filler Item.

Ice Cream – restores 25 Hunger, 0 Health, 50 Sanity. This may be a controversial recipe for some players because of some rare ingredients, but the amount of sanity it gives it worth the lack of health and the difficulty in making it. Ingredients: Dairy Product, Ice, 2 Sweeteners.

Those are all of the Don’t Starve recipes we recommend trying to cook in your crockpot to restore your hunger, health, and sanity! Why not check out the rest of our Don’t Starve content in our guide section?

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Don’t Starve – Best Food Recipes to Cook


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