Home News Dominate or Bring Peace to a War-locked Galaxy in Star Trek Fleet Command, Out Now

Dominate or Bring Peace to a War-locked Galaxy in Star Trek Fleet Command, Out Now

Dominate or Bring Peace to a War-locked Galaxy in Star Trek Fleet Command, Out Now

Star Trek Fleet Command is a brand new strategy MMO out right now on mobile that challenges you to bring peace or dominance to a galaxy on the cusp of war.

You play as the commander of a starbase in a galaxy in which The Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces are each striving to take control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

So it’s up to you to ensure things don’t get too out of control by building a fleet of the mightiest ships. You can build your favourite ships from any factions like the Enterprise, Romulan Warbird, and the Klingon Bird of Prey.

Even the best ships need an officer to run it though, so it’s time to recruit your favourite characters from the franchise, like James T. Kirk, Spock, and Nero.

Once your officer is in place you can start the hard work of hiring and upgrading each ship’s crew and then upgrading the ships themselves. That way no one in the galaxy will be able to compete with you.

Before all of that, you’ll need to build your own starbase though, and fortify it so it can easily deal with enemy threats. Once that’s no longer an issue, it’s time to head out into battle.

Battles range from defending innocent locals to tackling vicious pirates. There’s also real-time multiplayer, in which you’ll duke it out with a ton of enemy players to see who’s the best.

Fighting isn’t the only approach though, despite how effective and fun it is. If you have no interest in dominating the galaxy and strive for peace instead, you can try and negotiate peace treaties to bring stability to the galaxy.

It’s entirely up to you how you play Star Trek Fleet Command but no matter how, you’re bound to have an absolute ton of fun.

You can grab it on mobile via Google Play, iTunes, or on PC via BlueStacks. That’s a nifty little platform that lets you play mobile games from the comfort of your PC.

You’ll have greater accuracy thanks to the mouse, more comfort, and can experience the visuals in all their splendor on the big screen.

Given that BlueStacks mimics the specs of the most powerful phone that can run each mobile game you play, you’re guaranteed to get the best experience. Go and grab BlueStacks off the official site right now.

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Dominate or Bring Peace to a War-locked Galaxy in Star Trek Fleet Command, Out Now


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