Home Game Guides Does Sam Cheat on you in Stardew Valley? Answered

Does Sam Cheat on you in Stardew Valley? Answered

Does Sam Cheat on you in Stardew Valley? Answered

Stardew Valley is a peaceful farming simulation game where players are free to grow crops, befriend the local villagers, explore the mines, and even search for love. Pelican Town has a variety of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, each with their own distinct personalities.

Break-ups and divorce are options if you change your mind about a villager, but can they leave you on their own? Our guide will answer the question: Does Sam cheat on you in Stardew Valley?

Can Sam cheat on you in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, players can date certain villagers by talking to them often and giving them their favorite gifts. A villager’s friendship level increases whenever you do something that makes them happy, and you can see their current level in your main menu.

You can purchase a Bouquet from Pierre’s General Store and present it to any villager that has at least eight hearts with you to start dating them.

There is nothing stopping you from dating multiple villagers. The only time they find out is if you date all the bachelors or bachelorettes at once, at which point they stage an intervention with you. This causes the villagers to be angry with you for a week straight, and they will refuse any gifts you try to give them.

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Now, this begs the question: Can the villagers do you dirty as well, like Sam? The answer is no—your significant other or spouse will never cheat on you, not even the carefree spirit that is Sam.

Your significant other will mention other love interests if they are unhappy with you, but they will never initiate a break-up, nor cheat on you. You can either try to make up with your partner, or just let them wallow in misery, if you are feeling especially heartless.

All of this only applies to the base Stardew Valley experience, and does not account for any potential mods that change how dating works. We are not aware of any mods that make the dating mechanics more in-depth, but we would not be surprised if there are existing mods like that.

We hope that answers your questions about Sam potentially cheating on you in Stardew Valley. If you have any other questions about Stardew Valley, let us know in the comments below!

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Does Sam Cheat on you in Stardew Valley? Answered


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