Does PUBG New State Have Controller Support?

Does PUBG New State Have Controller Support?

Everyone who tried playing PUBG New State knows that there are multiple advanced controls. With their help, your in-game experience becomes exciting and easy. The easiness is reached with the help of the controller because it is way more convenient to play with the physical buttons. That is why multiple players are interested in whether there is any possibility for them to use controllers. That is why we have created this guide: we want to cover the topic of controllers in PUBG New State for our readers. So, check the answer out.

​Is There Any Possibility to Play Pubg: New State With Controller?

For all who are searching for an answer to whether it is possible to play PUBG: New State with the controller, the answer is no. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no technical possibility to use controllers in PUBG: New State. Moreover, there is no information on whether Krafton has intentions to add it in the nearest future. We can suppose that the game creators avoid adding controllers to the game because playing becomes fair for all the participants without them.

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There is a possibility to customize the controls in case there are any difficulties in handling an in-game character in PUBG: New State. In this case, you will need to go to the settings. Also, in the training mode, you can get used to the touch controls again and again.

With this being said, we can sum up that there is no controller support in PUBG New State to make the process of playing fair for everyone.

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Does PUBG New State Have Controller Support?


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