Home Game Guides Do Alpha Pokemon Have Better Stats Than Normal in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? – Answered

Do Alpha Pokemon Have Better Stats Than Normal in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? – Answered

Do Alpha Pokemon Have Better Stats Than Normal in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? – Answered
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Alpha Pokemon are a brand new feature introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Similar to the Totem Pokemon from the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, these Pokemon are usually pretty big for their species. Besides the abnormal size, you can spot an Alpha by its glowing red eyes. They are powerful battlers and tough to catch, but are they actually stronger than your normal Pokemon? In this guide we will help you break it down!

Rapidash from Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Stats Of An Alpha And Regular Pokemon

When an Alpha’s stats were compared with that of a normal Pokemon, the results were quite interesting. The level 40 Alpha Rapidash, despite its label, had a slightly lower Attack base than that of a normal level 26 Gyarados. It also had a lower Special Attack than that of a level 28 Drifblim. It did, however, have a higher Special Defense rate than both of those. Surprisingly, the Rapidash’s stats were way more modest than for what one would expect from something labeled as an Alpha.

gyarados from pokemon legends arceus
drifblim from pokemon legends arceus

However, there is one thing that separates Alphas from regular Pokemon and that is that they automatically come with three Effort Levels boosted to three. They can also learn moves that a regular version of their species can only get from the Move Tutor. So while they do come slightly boosted because of this, the pre-done Effort Levels in Alphas is more of a scenario of ‘you already have some of the work started for you’ than actually being comparably stronger.

The Conclusion

When the caught Alpha Rapidash went up against a respawned different wild Alpha Rapidash of the same level, it took just as much damage from their attacks as a Pokemon of a lower level that was sent out. This shows that Alphas are only abnormally strong before they are caught. Without their feral rage powering them up, they are just like any other Pokemon in terms of power. So in short, no, an Alpha’s stats aren’t necessarily stronger than that of a normal Pokemon.

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Do Alpha Pokemon Have Better Stats Than Normal in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? – Answered


  1. “Are red apples bigger than the green ones? well if you see a red apple and put a watermelon on the side you can see that the apple is smaller but if you put a grape on the side its now bigger”

  2. If you don’t know anything about Pokemon why are you making articles about it? You just compared 3 seperate Pokemon that have different stat allocations with 3 different nature’s that alter those stats!

  3. I second Derek’s statement. This makes your website look unreliable for information, as the author clearly doesn’t understand the mechanics of pokemon in the slightest. The conclusion ALMOST scratches the surface of an actual comparison… but not, because it’s talking about comparing damage received.

  4. Hi!
    I had a regular Garchomp on my team for a long time, but came over an Shiny Alpha Garchomp after playing the end game for a while. I got hyped and thought “think of the great attack stat my new Garchomp can achieve”.

    So I stored my regular Garchomp lvl 100 and got my new Garchomp Alpha Shiny to lvl 100.
    The result: Same exact stat. Same nature and all.

    BUT: My experience is that Alpha Pokemon have a slight advantage in move speed and is more likely to attack two turns in a row using agile style.


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