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DNF Duel Striker Combos, Matchups & Complete Guide

DNF Duel Striker Combos, Matchups & Complete Guide
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If you’re seeking exceptional hand-to-hand melee combat actions in DNF Duel, then Striker is the optimal character to choose. She stands out as one of the initial characters introduced to DNF Duel and has consistently remained a fan favorite within the player community.

However, mastering Striker is no easy feat. Her combos can prove challenging for players who are new to DNF Duel or the action-fighting genre. In this guide, we will dive into Striker’s combos, explore her best matchups, and provide essential information to help you become proficient as a Striker main in DNF Duel.

DNF Duel Striker Combos

DNF Duel Striker Tutorial
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Before going into Striker’s combos, players should familiarize themselves with the attack, jump, and dodge moves in DNF Duel. Using these moves in conjunction is the key to creating effective combos. Once you grasp the fundamentals of combat controls, you can then learn attack combos to become an unstoppable Striker main in DNF Duel.

Note: The combos used in this guide adhere to numpad (1-9) notations, which are employed for directional inputs such as jumping and crouching. Terms like A, B, S, and MS represent controls that can be adjusted in the in-game settings. Below are some acronyms you should be acquainted with:

  • A – light attack
  • B – medium attack
  • S – special attack
  • jc – jump cancel
  • j.B- jump and light attack
  • j.S – jump and special attack
  • SS – cancel special move
  • ▷ – land and continue combo
  • 236M – quarter-circle forward movement with a medium attack
  • [X] – Hold input
  • ]X[ – Release input

Best Combos for Striker in DNF Duel

Here are some of the best combos we found for Striker in DNF Duel:

  • 2A > 5B > 5SS > 236M
  • AAABS > 6S > 2S > jc > j.BS
  • 2A > 2B > 5B > 5SS > 6S > 236M
  • B > 6S > 4S > SS > jc > j.BS
  • 2B > SS > jc > j.BSA > BSS > 6S
  • 2AAA > B > jc > j.S > BSS > jc > j.S
  • 2A > AAB > jc > j.S > BSS > jc > j.S
  • 2A > 2B > 5B > 5S > 6S > 2S > jc > j.B > j.S ▷ 5M > 236M
  • 2A > 2B > 2S > jc > j.B > j.S ▷ 2B > 2S > jc > j.B > j.S ▷ 5M > 236M
  • j.S > [ B > j.S ] x3 > BSS > jc > j.S

The potential for combo building is limitless in DNF Duel. By experimenting with Striker’s attacks, you might come up with your own combos. If not, copying combos from other players is always an option, and there’s no shame in doing so. DNF Duel also has some built-in tutorials for every character. You can go to Practice mode and try out different combos for Striker in the Tutorial.

Your combos may not work correctly, if your controller is facing problems. Our guide on how to fix controller not working in DNF Duel might help you.

Best Matchups for Striker

DNF Duel characters
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

Striker’s powerful melee attacks make her formidable against many fighters in DNF Duel. Some characters who struggle against Striker include Ghostblade, Grappler, Crusader, and especially Swift Master. Overall, Striker is a decent character, and with some trial and error, players can identify her strengths and weaknesses.

Striker is capable of dodging certain attacks from Swift Master in DNF Duel. Her dive kick and slides can evade the sword spiral. However, Swift Master can still hold his ground against Striker. Striker mains need to be cautious of Berserker, Vanguard, Trouble Shooter, and Ranger, as they can interrupt her animations and exploit her limited attack range.

How to Play Striker

Striker’s close range might seem like a downside, but it’s actually one of her strongest points. Only a few characters, like Berserker, have a long-range attack to prevent Striker from approaching closely. Players don’t always have to use complex combos to make the most out of Striker. Her basic attacks, like 6S and 2B, provide decent reach and help close the distance between you and your opponent.

For players who enjoy combos, Striker has a special cancel that you can use to lead into different combos. However, players who have already played fighting games will love the melee action and fast combos offered by Striker.

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DNF Duel Striker Combos, Matchups & Complete Guide