Disorder Guide: Tips & Cheats To Winning Your Battles

Welcome to war! The year is 2030, and nuclear war has become the norm. Battles are constantly raging across the globe, and now it is your turn to join the fight in NetEase’s latest competitive shooter Disorder!

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In Disorder, you will assume the role of an elite soldier equipped with hi-tech gear and weaponry. Battle it out in single-base operations, or challenge the world in the exciting battle royale mode!

In our Disorder tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of each mode and discuss with you the strategies to give you an edge over the enemy team. Let’s get started with our Disorder cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to winning your battles!

Base Battle

The starting and default mode of Disorder. In Base Battle, two teams of five heroes will go at it at an attempt to secure the control point. There are two versions of this mode: single base and multi-base.

In single base, you will fight for one control point over two rounds. In multi-base mode, the map changes between rounds, but both modes have the same objective.

To win this mode, you need to be coordinated with your team. At lower levels, you might get away with running and gunning all by your lonesome self, but this tactic will quickly lose its effectiveness as you play against higher skilled players.

Your objective is is to find the control point marked on your HUD. When you find the terminal, you need to stand by it, and your team will slowly begin to capture the point. For the first round, you only need to raise your team gauge up to the halfway marker to win the round. For the second round, you need to fill up the entire gauge to win the game.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to stick with your team. Going in alone is a death sentence – no matter how skilled you are, you will fall against a coordinated team. Stick together and try to plan out routes!

Remember that there are multiple ways to get into the building where the control point is. You can grapple alongside the building and climb up to try to drop down your opponents, catching them by surprise.

You can also search for breakable windows for more entry points. And of course, you can also just take the frontal approach and charge the enemy head on.

Changing your strategy on the fly is the key to victory – if your opponents are starting to expect you from one way, try another way in. Remember to utilize your hero’s abilities to give you the upper hand!

Olympian ULF

Olympian ULF is the battle royale mode of the game. In this mode, you will team up with four other players as you attempt to secure the missile silo in the middle of a big island. At the start of the round, you will breach the island via boat where you can plan out your route.

Your main objective is to reach the missile silo in the center of the island, but you will need to capture some control points along the way.

There are large and small control points sprinkled around the perimeter of the island, and a select few must be activated first before the missile silo becomes active. It does not matter what squad activates it.

Once the missile silo is active, make a beeline for the center of island and prepare for a fight. All remaining squads will converge on this location, and in order to win you must capture the missile silo like a normal control point. The caveat is that it takes a LONG time to capture, so a chaotic firefight is inevitable.

Like all other battle royale games, it helps to pick off opponents before the final showdown occurs to increase your odds of winning. Pay attention to your minimap and listen for sounds to figure out if there are nearby enemies.

Heroes with abilities that let them scan for enemies perform well here, so consider them if you are wondering who to play as.

Having weapon chips and leveling up helps too. You may come across groups of NPC enemies – these grunts are hanging out in random spots of the island, and they will attack you on sight.

They do not deal much damage but they are worth experience points, so it is helpful to stop and take them out. Leveling up grants you points to spend on gear – the same gear you use in the Base Battle mode. Be sure to max out your gear before the final showdown!

You may also come across weapon chips in the world. Unlike most battle royales, you already start out with the hero’s default weapon selection, but you can power them up through the use of chips.

There is a chip for each type of weapon – a shotgun chip, an assault rifle chip, and so forth. They can go up to four levels, with the final level being the strongest. Chips increase the respective gun’s damage.

Hero Guide

There are plenty of heroes to choose from in Disorder, so deciding on who to spend your hard-earned credits on first can be a tough choice. We will help you narrow it down by fully examining the various heroes and their types. There are five types of heroes in Disorder – Scout, Maneuver, Enhance, Support, and Defense – each specializing in a certain field.


Scout heroes are well-rounded heroes that can provide good offense and defense. These heroes usually have some way to track enemy movements and locations, making them perfect for scouting ahead.

Prometheus’ Pulse Detection reveals nearby enemies around him, while Beretta’s Scan tosses out a scanner that continuously reveals the targeted location for enemies.

Renata’s Hearbeat Sensor will track a single target pointing you towards their exact location. If you like to reveal your enemies and get the drop on them first, Scouts are the class for you.


Maneuver-type heroes excel in getting around the battlefield in quick and creative ways. Nightingale can create a special platform that can create fast shortcuts for her, while Ryo Chino comes equipped with a Grappling Hook that lets him pull himself up to hard-to-reach locations.

Safar can place Magic Portals on walls letting him effectively walk through any wall in the game.

Maneuver-type heroes are the best heroes at flanking since they can essentially create their own ways into hotspots. They require some skill to use effectively, but a properly played Maneuver hero can really break a team apart!


Enhance heroes are able to buff themselves in some way to boost their movement capabilities, combat power, and more. Enfield can duel wield pistols to double her firepower, while Vulture’s Forte Fortissimo can take a chunk out of heroes with high maximum health. The mighty tank Mahakala can deploy a massive Riot Shield that protects him from frontal damage for a short time.

Enhance heroes are probably the most unique of the bunch. If you like to go in with souped up powers that the enemy will not expect, Enhance heroes are a great choice.


Support heroes focus on helping the team out with reconnaissance and protection. Shrike can set up a giant shield to protect his team from incoming fire, while Anemone can toss Healing Smoke grenades that blind opponents and heal allies inside the smoke.

Support heroes shine when they are paired up with a skilled player. A player that can kill quick that has a support on their side is a deadly combo!

Unlocking More Heroes

To unlock a new hero, you will either have to pay with credits or platinum. Both of these currencies are obtained in a number of ways, but credits are the easier one to get as you get them for simply playing the game.

The game has just launched, so be sure to check in with the log in events to collect lots of free credits and platinum. There are plenty of newbie missions for you to complete that will reward you with lots of credits and a little bit of platinum, so be sure not to miss out on them.

Setup Your Heroes

Setting up your heroes allows you a greater degree of control and customization, and we highly recommend you do it for your favorite heroes.

The first thing you should setup are your hero’s talents. From level 1 to 6, a hero can choose from three talents for each level. Each talent focuses on either powering up in general or upgrading one of the two skills a hero has. You can amplify a specific part of your hero and we recommend doing so!

Then, you can change the order of equipment they get. You can make your hero get their armor or weapon upgrades quicker, whichever want you want more in.

Finally, you can change your secondary weapons. A hero’s primary can never be changed, but you can preview weapon chips in it to see how they are affected. Your secondary can be a lifesaver in combat, so make sure you choose a weapon that suits your playstyle.

That’s all for Disorder! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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