Disney Infinity is one of the most interesting games released in the past year, combining video games with real life figurines, not too differently from another highly successful series, Skylanders. However Disney Infinity clearly had an edge on similar games, since Disney characters are way more recognizable than others that have been created just for a video game.

Disney is now ready to expand its Infinity series even more with the upcoming release of Disney Infinity Marvel Superheroes, which is going to include several heroes taken from the Marvel universe. All figurines released for the first game will be fully compatible with the new game as well, allowing Disney Infinity Marvel Superheroes to offer a really big gameplay experience.

What will make Disney Infinity Marvel Superheroes really different from the previous game is the fact that all characters will have a distinct class, influencing their abilities. Also, each character is going to have his or her own skill tree, allowing some nice customization. These new features will be quite handy when tackling some of the new modes of the game, like the procedurally generated dungeon and several other minigames.

Announced characters include the six Avengers found in the movie, but Spider-Man, Modok, Loki and others should be released as well.

Disney Infinity Marvel Superheroes launches this Fall on iPad as well as on consoles and PC. The starter pack will include three figures just like the original Infinity.



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