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Disney Emoji Blitz Cheats: Tips & Strategy to Unlock All Emoji

Disney Emoji Blitz Cheats: Tips & Strategy to Unlock All Emoji

Disney Emoji Blitz is an awesome fast-paced game from Disney that not only provides hours of amazing match three entertainment, but it also gives us the chance to unlock and actually use emjoi from the game in our messages!

That is a really good extra reward and I am here to help you unlock all emojis in Disney Emoji Blitz and also share with you a bunch of cheats and tips to get better at the game.

So if you want to unlock them all, are wondering how to use them in messages and you want to get super high scores, check out our Disney Emoji Blitz tips and cheats and enjoy!

1. Keep on matching

The interesting thing about this game is that, since it is so incredibly fast paced, you don’t have to wait for a move to complete before being allowed to start a new one.

disney emoji blitz tips 1

In other words, as soon as you have created a match, you can instantly go for another even if there are Disney Emoji still falling and combos taking place.

Take advantage of this: as soon as you create a match to the left, move your eyes to the right side for example and create a match there.

The faster you are, the better it is for your score and overall performance.

2. Don’t focus on the items

As you probably know already, you can collect a bunch of items while playing by having them drop to the base of the screen.

Don’t focus on getting that done – based on my own experience, that will naturally happen as you play the game, so just focus on making as many matches as possible and you will collect them.

Otherwise, if you focus too much around them, you will lose valuable time!

disney emoji blitz tips 2

3. Match at the bottom

As with any match three game out there, Disney Emoji Blitz makes it a lot better if you can create matches towards the bottom of the screen.

Match the tiles there in order to increase your chances for combos from the gems/emoji that fall down from the top.

4. Use the super powers ASAP

You will randomly unlock the special emoji by getting chests in the game, so I can’t really recommend which one to use.

They are all good and help you a lot and you should activate them as soon as you have the chance in the game in order to get the most out of them (and have the chance to use them a few more times before the time runs out).

Test them all out and use the one you like the most or consider the most useful.

disney emoji blitz tips 3

5. How to use the emoji you unlock in messages

First, make sure that you have allowed access to the app when it requested it. Then, go to your keyboard settings and simply tap and hold the earth globe icon and select the Dinsey Emoji Blitz there – you can now use the emoji you have unlocked in the game!

It’s really easy and fun and you have your own Disney Emoji now!

6. Complete the missions

Focus on completing the missions and do your best to complete them as fast as possible because that’s what keeps the rewards coming and the coins flowing.

The more missions you complete, the faster you level up and the faster you unlock those extra emoji.

Apart from that, just keep on playing and eventually you will unlock them all. Go for a few Silver chests first to unlock a few and have more options to choose from, them hoard some gems and go for those special Golden Chests!

If you have more Disney Emoji Blitz tips and tricks to share with us, let us know by commenting below.

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Disney Emoji Blitz Cheats: Tips & Strategy to Unlock All Emoji


    • Some emojis come from silver boxes and others come from the gold boxes. Anytime it says that you need a silver box emoji you can choose it from your list of emojis. Notice the square around the emoji. Choose any emoji of your choice with silver around it and play 7 rounds with it and you will beat the mission.

    • While you’re playing the game, on the bottom left corner you will notice your emoji that you are using with a bar. As you play and make matches with your emoji the bar will begin to fill when it is completely full that means you are ready to use your emojis superpower! Do this three times and you will be the mission. You can totally beat this mission in one game.

  1. For the keyboard (have an iPhone) it asks to copy the emoji… Is that normal? I thought it could just be like the other emoji Keyboard.
    Thanks for the help!

    • The collection items are the various things you are trying to collect on the 3rd tab of the home screen. You have to get a star next to a collection item, then swap their places. That should meet the mission requirement.

  2. Anyone have a tip for the “Blitz 4 times in one game” mission? I got a high score of 380,000+change and still was only able to blitz three times in that game. I’m stuck!

    • Use bonus items. Like extra score and full emoji powers. Sunshine boost is the best. Or use your rubies to skip if you just can’t get it. Although it’s rare when it’s worth spending those rubies to level up.

    • In order to “blitz” 4 times in a level you have to play fast and work to get higher point moves, like 4 or 5 in a row, which will give you a cloud, sun, or star. When you use these you will gain power faster for your emoji and for blitz mode.

    • Focus on the matching emojis. Make sure to mainly collect the same as the one you‘ve chosen for this game. Use emojis like Mickey, Pluto, the Queen of hearts, Cinderella or tinkerbell to remove as much emojis as possible. I tried three times until I did it, my score at that game was 750 000 so as you can see, you’ll need to collect a lot. Don’t focus too much on your score, focus on the matches. Hope that was helpful :)

  3. My mission is to do blitz mode 4 times in 1 game and I cannot do it. How exactly do you fill the blitz meter?? I can’t figure out why sometimes it goes down sometimes up?

  4. Stuck at level 2, mission 1. No matter how much I play there is no change. About to give up on this game. I really wish there was more instruction/information on how to play this game. Use emojis power 3 times??? That bar under the emoji gets filled over and over and still…nothing.

  5. Why do some emojis point values get better faster than others? I’ve played with Ariel like 1000 times and goofy who I just unlocked recently already has a higher point value. And Mikes point value is wayyy higher yet I use Ariel the most often. Why is that???

  6. I have been at the top on leaderboard for the last 2 weeks but I haven’t earned any gold coins like I have in the past. Previously I have earned 10,000 gold coins for being #1 but nothing in the last 2 weeks when the leaderboard supposedly refresh. Any ideas why it isn’t refreshing or giving rewards?

  7. Gems are too few and far between.
    :( I have a challenge that I have to use a green emoji for…..but I haven’t got a new emoji in several levels. The last one I got was a second Mickey. Which I never use.
    Makes it not fun when you can’t open emojis

  8. I’m stuck on one of my missions I’m on level 18 and on the last mission Which is using a green emoji but I don’t have a green emoji and I bought a silver box and a gold box and I still didn’t get a green emoji. I really don’t wanna use my gems to skip the mission cuz I’m saving up for a diamond box. Please help.


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