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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Making of a Monarch Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Making of a Monarch Quest Guide

Even though most Disney Dreamlight Valley quests will not take more than a few minutes, there is a small percentage of complicated missions. And in this guide, you will find out how to complete The Making of a Monarch quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Making of a Monarch Quest Guide

The fact is that Making of a Monarch is one of the most challenging quests in the game. Therefore, completing it will be divided into 3 parts. And let’s get started with the first part.

First Part

The fact is that you should prepare dinner for Scar’s Cave to complete the first stage of this quest. Nothing challenging; you only need to cook Teriyaki Salmon and Show White’s Gooseberry Pie. Every dish has its unique receipt described below.

Teriyaki SalmonShow White’s Gooseberry Pie

And when you cook these dishes, you should give them to the Scar. After that, you need to simply talk with Merlin to start completing the second chapter of the quest.

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Second Part

During the second part of this quest, you need to craft 2 Sunbird Feeders. It is pretty expensive and requires the following resources.

  • 40 Softwood
  • 10 Dark Wood
  • 20 Cotton
  • 6 Red Bromeliad
  • 6 Pink Houseleek

All these resources can be found in the Sunlit Plateau. The only resource which is located in Forgotten Lands is Dark Wood. However, there is also nothing challenging about getting it. And when you craft Sunbird Feeders, you should place them in the building mode. Also, you should grab some flowers and feed birds with them.

Third Part

Fortunately, the third part is the most straightforward chapter of this quest. The fact is that a special Mysterious Mirror Shard will appear on the ground while talking to Scar. And you should give it to Scar to finish the quest. That is how it is.

In conclusion, even though The Making of a Monarch quest is one of the longest quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there is nothing complicated about it. With our guide, you can do it even if you are a beginner. So, thank you for reading the manual. Hope you find it helpful!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Making of a Monarch Quest Guide


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