Dino Squad Guide: Tips & Cheats To Conquering the Battlefield

What if the dinosaur were never wiped out? Dino Squad, a sci-fi third-person shooter featuring cyborg dinosaurs equipped to the teeth, is here to answer that question! In this hectic multiplayer player-versus-player game, players will take control of various dinosaurs, each with their own kind of unique weaponry. Blast the other dinosaurs, capture controls points, and win the match!

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In our Dino Squad tips and tricks, we will go over the basics of battle. We will teach how to capture bases and explain how to keep yourself safe on the battlefield. Let’s get started with our Dino Squad cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to conquering the battlefield!

Choose your Dino

Before you can head into battle, you must form your Dino Squad. Dino Squads can consist of a total of five different dinos, but to start out you will only have a few available to you. Never fear, as your squad size will unlock over time.

Your squad slots are reserved for dinos of different sizes. Slot one can hold a small dino, while slot two and three can hold a medium dino. Slot four hold heavy duty giant dinos, and slot five holds the massive powerhouse extra giant dinos!

Choosing dinos from the wide selection may be hard at first, but you will quickly find your favorites. You will be forced to use the same couple of dinos at first anyways since it takes a while to unlock the later ones, so get comfy with your starting dinos.

At the beginning of a match, you will choose from your dinos. Deploying a dino costs resources, and you only have a little bit at the beginning of a match, so you will probably only get to choose a small or medium dino. Pick your favorite, and head into battle!

Different Types of Dinos

Each dino has a different playstyle!

The small dinos are quick and agile, allowing them to weave their way in and out of danger very quickly. Not only are they fast, but they also pack a punch! The starting light dino, the Reaver, is carrying a powerful shotgun that can tear up enemies at close range. Small dinos have very little health though, so you need to be constantly moving to stay alive!

Medium dinos are all around dinos. They focus on general offense and defense, with abilities that can back them up. Primarch is a slow moving turret that does not deal too much damage but can take a lot of punishment in return, while Archon is a offensive sniper that can help lock down control points by picking foes off from afar.

Giant dinos are massive dinosaurs packing a LOT of firepower. They have very high health and damage, but they are extremely slow and lack range, making them susceptible to getting outnumbered. They cost a lot of battle energy to summon, but when one appears, the whole flow of battle changes!

Capturing Points

The objective of Dino Squad is to generate enough team score to win the game. Team points are generated every few seconds if you have at least one control point under your command; the more control points you have, the more points your team will generate.

Capturing a neutral (white) control point is as easy as walking up to it and waiting until the bar fills up. Capturing an enemy control point (red) is a little more involved – you will need to shoot out the four panels that are on the tower. They are not too sturdy, so a few shots should do for each panel. Once all four panels are destroyed, you can begin capturing it by standing near it.

The key to winning a match in Dino Squad is to balance your offense and defense. Do not just move from control point to control point capturing them – you will lose your previous control points to flankers and the like. You need to assess the situation and determine if you need to stay and defend or push forward. Always read the battlefield!

Aim for Weak Points

If there are enemy dinos around when you are trying to capture a point, they will block all progress until they are dealt with. Use your powerful abilities and main gun to achieve victory!

Every dino in the game has a weak point and it is usually their head. When you attack a weak point, you will see a circle appear over it. Continuing to attack will fill up an orange meter in the circle – when this meter is filled, your target will be “broken”, and every hit in that area will be considered a critical hit, dealing massive damage!

Considering that some of the more tankier dinos have tons of health, aiming for their weak points is the key to taking them down in a timely manner.

Healing Up

After a firefight, you have probably taken some damage. Some dino abilities will heal you upon use, but for everyone else you have to find a captured control point. If there is a friendly control point near you, you can stay next to it for a few seconds and your dino will start to regenerate health, at 300 health per second.

Only do this if it is safe! Taking any damage will immediately halt the process, so beware of enemies trying to finish you off.

Unlocking and Upgrading Dinos

As you finish matches, you will earn currency that you can use to power up your dinos and unlock new ones. There are two types: silver and gold coins. Silver coins are used to level up dinos, increasing their stats and effectiveness.

To level up a dino, go into your squad and tap on the dino. The level up button will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. Leveling up a dino costs a lot of silver coins, but you can reduce the cost by just playing as the dino. The more you use a dino in battle, the more experience they will naturally gain. When they are at max experience, you still have to pay a small silver fee to level them up, but it is drastically cheaper than just paying right away.

Gold coins is used for practically everything else: unlocking new dinos, new weapons, and new modules. Gold coins are the premium currency of the game so it is much harder to come by, but as you finish matches the chest gauge at the bottom right corner of the main menu will fill up. When it fills up all the way, you can open a chest that contains a decent amount of silver and gold coins inside.

Unlocking new dinos is probably the most expensive thing to do, but it will offer you more battle choices. You can also unlock new weapons for your favorite dinos, which increases their overall firepower. There are no choices to be made here – the new weapons you can unlock are straight upgrades so equip them right away.

Another thing you can outfit your dinos with are modules, which are basically perks that grant special bonuses under certain circumstances. Each dino has a selection of six modules to pick from, and the can unlock up to three slots to equip them in. Dinos can change the way they are played or reinforce existing playstyles, so look into and see which ones fit you the best!

That’s all for Dino Squad! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Dino Squad Guide: Tips & Cheats To Conquering the Battlefield

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