A giant evil mole has kidnapped your sweetheart, so now it’s time to dig to the center of the world in Diggerman! Diggerman is a rapid-fire action game where you dig like crazy to reach your beloved sweetheart in time, all the while dodging boulders and collecting hidden treasure. Our Diggerman cheats and tips will show you how to dig like a pro without getting squashed!

Diggerman is all about fast reflexes and timing, so with some practice and the help of our guide, you too can be an expert digger. Let’s get started with our Diggerman cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Batteries are your priority!

While this may sound counter-intuitive at first, trust us! As you’re digging through the world, your first and foremost priority is to collect any batteries you see – even if it means actively avoiding coins. Batteries charge up your gauge a little more letting you dig for longer, but collecting a bunch of them is the key to getting high scores and going super long distances. Don’t worry about collecting the coins – just grab the batteries!

Keep an eye out for chests!

The reason we say that it’s okay to ignore the coins is that they come in small bits anyways. You can get up to three coins per pick up, but there’s a much better way to go about this. Near the end of a level’s checkpoint, you have a chance to find a chest somewhere in the dirt. Try not to miss them, as they contain lots of gold and exhibit pieces in them!

The chests can contain up to three different items in them, and all three can end up being coins if you’ve already collected all of the exhibit pieces on that level, which means big money for you. This is a much better and more efficient way to get more coins!

Unlock more diggers!

Once you have enough coins, you can pay a visit to the shop. You can either upgrade your existing diggers to have a longer lasting battery, or unlock a new digger all together. We recommend the latter choice because not only do the newer diggers have naturally better batteries, each digger you unlock also decreases the cost of starting off from a deeper checkpoint.

In fact, once you unlock enough diggers, certain checkpoints will become outright free to start off from, making your descent much easier on the wallet! Buying a battery upgrade for an existing digger only increases the battery life by 1%, so you can see why getting new diggers is the much better option.

Collect all the exhibit pieces!

Sometimes chests will have pieces in them that let you build exhibits. Exhibits generate coins for you over time, so recovering a bunch of them is a great way to earn a ton of coins. You can increase the amount of coins they generating by collecting the same pieces over and over again.

When you’re choosing a checkpoint to start at, look at the icons – they’ll show you what exhibit piece you’re most likely to find at that level. This is pretty handy if you’re hunting for specific pieces, but remember that it’s ultimately left up to luck. You never know what you’re going to find!

That’s all for Diggerman! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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